Great Washable Rugs That Will Add Fresh Style With Minimal Effort

One of the easiest ways to add some decor into your home without a lot of effort is by incorporating rugs to the room. Best of all, they take in our messes and make it a lot easier to hide a less than perfectly clean floor.

Rugs take quite the beating from shoe tracks, food spills, pet accidents, and more. Of course, spot cleaning will help with a blaring stain, but washable rugs make life a whole lot simpler.

DII Recycled Fabric Striped Handmade Rag Rug

DII Recycled Fabric Striped Handmade Rag Rug

What makes a rug washable? It’s as simple as it sounds: a rug that is able to be put in the washing machine and has the ability to survive. Some can even be machine dried to become fully clean and looking fresh and new.

It’s important to make sure that the rug you buy is really machine washable. While many listings will read “washable,” you can arm yourself with knowledge about which ones should be washed once a month and which should be limited to once a year.

Cotton rugs are great because they feel soft and natural, but the material doesn’t do well being washed too often or at too high of a heat, which can lead to distortion and shrinkage.

Meanwhile, polypropylene rugs or polyester rugs can handle moisture and the tougher cycles of washing machines, which is why they can sometimes feel less soft than cotton rugs. These more durable rugs can also handle being outdoor rugs.

Ruggable Flatwoven Warm Sand Re Jute Rug

Here are some great options when looking for washable rugs:

Budget-friendly: DII Recycled Fabric Striped Handmade Rag Rug

Best indoor/outdoor: Ruggable Flatwoven Warm Sand Re-Jute Rug

Best Reversable: Crate & Barrel Scene Washable Rag Rug

Crate & Barrel Scene Washable Rag Rug

Crate & Barrel Scene Washable Rag Rug

Best for busy households: Nevermove Blue Area Rug

Best non-traditional rug: Luxe Faux Fur Cowhide

Best Shag: Veere Shag Pink Purple Area Rug

Best overall: Revival Rugs Recess Collection Rug

Nevermove Blue Area Rug

Nevermove Blue Area Rug

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