Before You Sell: Easy Paint Jobs Recommended By Real Estate Agents

 Before You Sell: Easy Paint Jobs Recommended By Real Estate Agents

Painting is an excellent way to start out DIYing if you are not experienced at fixing things up yourself since it does not require much know how and is quite affordable. Since it offers a low cost way to transform a space, it’s a great way to spruce up your home before putting it on the market.

You Can DIY More Value To Your Home

There’s nothing better for a potential buyer to know that they don’t have to paint or touch up the walls before moving in. Tim Hur, a realtor, broker, and team manager at Point Honors Associates & Realtors in Atlanta shared some insight: “Despite the current market, first impressions are still very important. We highly recommend painting the main living areas — living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms.”

He said that this is especially important if you have already started to move your furniture out of the house, as marks will be especially apparent and “you’ll see every scuff and blemish on the home.”

Hur says that: “For easy projects, painting front doors is always trendy. Just make sure you’re in compliance with any rules and regulations with the HOA.”

He continued: “Any strong, bold colors should be reconsidered into a neutral color… strong, dark colors may be acceptable for accent walls, but make sure the home showcases brightness and [any] furniture matches with the color scheme.”


Painting The Garage Door Can Make A Huge Difference

Aviva Kamler, who is a real estate agent at Sotheby’s International Realty in San Francisco said that she had some clients that painted the garage, garage door, and the inside of the garage before selling in order “to make it look crisp and clean. When a buyer is touring, rather than being distracted by dirt and dust, they can see the space.”

Kamler shared that a new coat painted onto the kitchen cabinets also “changed the entire look and feel of the home.”

Upgrading the guest bathrooms are a great way to add in finishes that make a big difference in a budget-friendly way. Paul Rose, a real estate agent at Compass, shared: “Sellers don’t want to spend unnecessary funds on a large-scale bathroom remodel that the buyers may very well gut after purchase.” Painting offers a “great middle ground” that “can safely cover and neutralize any shade of bubble gum pink or the like.”


Paint The Guest Bathrooms

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