I Paid My Kids 25 Cents Each To Help Me With The “Kids Gift Guide” – Here Are Their All Time Favorite Gifts (And What They Want This Year, Of Course)

 I Paid My Kids 25 Cents Each To Help Me With The “Kids Gift Guide” –  Here Are Their All Time Favorite Gifts (And What They Want This Year, Of Course)

These souvenir guides are nonflexible considering IMO gifts are personal to the person and their interests, needs, homes, bodies, etc., and ownership people a souvenir they don’t want or need is a massive bummer for a million reasons. So by nature making a list for “her” or “him” feels harder every year. But if I reframe it as just “ideas” that could spark other increasingly personal ideas I can get excited. So in an struggle to gather ideas and understand what might be both specific and thus possibly universal for kids, I did what most moms would do on a Monday night in November, and offered to pay my kids a quarter for each solid souvenir suggestion they think a lot of kids would like. They understand the blog now and we made it a family meeting, which was unquestionably really sweet doing it together. We all really went for it and I still need to settle up 2 dollars each, which I shoehorn is totally weird parenting but oh well). FYI our kids are 7 (girl) and 9 (boy) and if your kids, or your souvenir recipients, are younger I highly suggest you check out last year’s souvenir guide which is still extremely relevant – all toys our kids genuinely played with a LOT. Many of them still to this day.


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1. 16-Inch Large Navina The Narwhal | 2. Plush 8″ Plush Mystery Box Three Pack | 3. 14-Inch Green Spotted Jellyfish

First off, I’m calling rank right now as they undeniability me their #1 Squishmallow, considering as they say I have a pretty darn unconfined jelly vitals (I know how much kids love the softness of their mamas and it’s really sweet). While these inanimate competitors are extremely squishy, snuggly, and cute stuffies (who don’t have my “love pillows”), our kids are obsessed with how cuddly they are. OBSESSED. They moreover want you to know that Jellycats are still the weightier (but not as soft as Squishmallows). Squishmallows are BIG THOUGH, which makes them a unconfined souvenir considering size matters to kids but you are warned that they take up a lot of real estate:)

Crystals, Gems, And Prisms

1. Color Hanging Crystal Prism Suncatcher | 2. 19 pcs Crystal Kit | 3. Moon Amethyst Crystals Suncatcher

Both of our kids really love anything that feels like a gem. They collect them and cherish them as something special. I think they recognize that they are earth’s real treasures. We have moreover given these as gifts to their school friends which are unchangingly a HIT and so affordable (tie a string to it so they know to hang it in the window). Not bad for a dollar a piece.


Really nonflexible not to think these are cool. The cheaper ones will die/break faster unless you really know how to tenancy them. But Charlie specifically loved his (until it tapped without a few months).

Pokemon Cards

I finger like they are speaking a variegated language, but they are obsessed with these trading cards and it does alimony them quite occupied. They sit in their room talking well-nigh them for hours with their friends. So when I asked for what kind of Pokemon cards they both looked at me like I truly will never get it and said “VSTAR and VMAX”. And so it begins.

Rubberband Jewerly Kit

1. Loomipal Mega Combo | 2. YITOHOP 12080 Loom Bands Kit | 3. Rainbow Loom Craft Kit Neon Edition

Our kids play with these A LOT. Both of them. They made bracelets for all their friends (and us). So cute.

On the same note, Birdie got this one for her birthday and has made SO MANY bracelets since then. Many of them with “I love you mama” on it, which I highly endorse and encourage to potentially get to experience.

Fuse Beads

1. Perler Fused Beads 11,000/Pkg-Glow In The Dark | 2. Perler Harry Potter Fuse Bead Kit for Kids and Adults | 3. Perler Bead Fun Fused Bead Kit

Brian’s worst nightmare is tiny beads everywhere and yet we alimony ownership these considering our kids love them so much. The key to these is to get a lot of the fun stencil shapes (not just circles and squares). Our kids will do this for hours and yes, it’s messy but their creations are just that – their creations, usually full of verisimilitude with so much personality.

ATM Piggy Bank

Y’all. These are 3 or 4 years old (I originally put them on a holiday souvenir list years ago) and they still love theirs and have all of their tooth fairy and chore money in them (and they get a lot of use and haven’t wrenched down). They are ugly big pieces of plastic but they are a homerun that your kids will like (and include a special pin number so they finger like grownups). Plus they have to put their money somewhere, right?

Birthstone Anything

1. Mini Zodiac Crystals Souvenir Set 2 Piece | 2. National Geographic Birthstone Dig Kit  | 3. Birthstone Necklace

Birdie just got into birthstones and they finger so special to her (I guess opal AND tourmaline are both her birthstones and y’all Tourmaline is NOT a unseemly stone, so we are leaning into opal). Charlie is unquestionably into them too! She moreover loves this jewelry box where she keeps her jewelry treasures. Her box is the medium size and is kinda spendy but hopefully will go on sale this weekend! For her, I take her vintage/thrift shopping and buy her costume jewelry. Thanks, Sue Sue for giving her the idea.

Cozy Blankets

It seems like a lame souvenir but it’s not. I’m not sure what is normal but our kids are obsessed with extremely soft blankets. They each have their “cozy blanket” which gets A LOT OF LOVE. They stilt them from their bed to the sofa every weekend and prefer them over gown in the morning. My only whinge with this type of fabric is that without you wash it a couple times it isn’t as soft (I think that’s just the nature of faux fur). So our kids stave putting them near food/water so they NEVER have to wash them. Both icky and adorable. But yes these soft blankies are unchangingly a huge hit.

Sewing Machine

This is pretty specific but they INSISTED I put it on the list. For Birdie’s birthday, she asked for a sewing machine so I got her a $30 machine that not-so-shockingly stopped working on our 4th pillow (Day 1). The kids BEGGED (and begged and begged) for a real sewing machine and I was honestly hesitant to buy one (while secretly SO EXCITED to start quilting with them). Since we bought it they have spent hours upon hours sewing pillows or gown for their stuffies (after watching these super slow and sweet YouTube tutorials). I’m bragging here for sure, but they learned how to thread the needle and bobbin and do it all by themselves. Obviously, this is personal to the child. I wasn’t surprised that Elliot loved it, but Charlie loved it equally if not more. I think most kids like “making things” and a sewing machine (when not framed as malleate diamond or plane “crafting”) is a tomfool machine with engineering and sharp needles that helps them create something that satisfies their inner world. We went to a local store and without talking to the passionate salesperson, was recommended Baby Lock Joy. It’s only been two weeks but I finger good recommending it since the salesperson was so willful that for our skill level and our desires, this was/is a solid machine that will last.

Some ideas that Charlie is into but we haven’t tried – night vision binoculars and lava lamps (dear god).

Gel Blasters

I cannot vouch for these gel non-nerf guns but I’m extremely excited well-nigh these considering you don’t have to alimony track of the bullets when outside and these “bullets” are biodegradable (we won’t indulge these inside, I hope). IT’S ABOUT TIME. If anyone has wits with these please leave your tips in the comments, but these are going to be a family present for all four of us considering we like to play these kinds of games outside, and this time no hunting for foam bullets afterward!

Paint By Number For Kids

1. Paint By Numbers, Moonlit Unicorn | 2. Pony & Mother Paint-by-Number Kit | 3. Beginner Easy Acrylic Watercolor Number Painting Canvas Arts for Kids

Birdie really wants this and I kinda want to get one for me too.

Disco Wittiness Party Pack

1. Large Mirror Disco Glass Ball | 2. Disco Wittiness Light | 3. UO Exclusive Disco Wittiness Light Up Wireless Speaker

Our kids (with friends or without) love to throw on the disco ball, ask Alexa to play The Greatest Showman, or now Marshmellow, and dance/sing and finger like they are in their own world. For a year we had out the pulsate machine which was superstitious (and we need to set it when up). They could plug in their favorite The Greatest Showman song and play along. We widow a karaoke mic one year which was fun while it lasted (but didn’t last long unbearable IMHO).

My Favorite Affordable Big Impact Present

Probably the most fun-for-the-price souvenir I overly gave them was for Birdie’s rainy birthday party last year. I went to Goodwill (which admittedly was surpassing Halloween so the getting was good) and bought $100 worth of costumes, including hats, jewelry, and crowns, and shoved them in a trunk we once had. WHAT A HIT. The kids played with it unceasingly for 8 months and still do when friends come over. So much imaginative play and a LOT of giggles. I mean, I would love a treasure trove of costumes, too.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Mad Libs | 2. PAW Patrol Pez Dispensers | 3. Toothbrushes (Frozen and Star Wars) | 4. Cute Band-Aids | 5. Hair Scrunchies | 6. Fun Socks

The specific products whilom are just examples of Mad Libs, Pez dispensers, toothbrushes, cute band-aids, hair ties, and fun socks! All of these are great, easy, mostly practical, and are what goes in our kid’s stockings. They are unchangingly a hit.

And just as a reminder…

The “No-Fail” (In Our Personal Experience) Kid Gifts We Own

1. Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set | 2. Straw Constructor STEM Building Toys | 3. Squigz Starter Set | 4. 3in1 Safari Wildlife Tree House Building Toy | 5. Rad Rainbow Craft Case | 6. Napping Nipper Dog Stuffed Animal

Lastly, I hope it doesn’t finger disingenuine to alimony recommending the same stuff year without year but I’m telling you, Magna-Tiles, Straw Toys, Squigz, LEGO anything, Craft kits, and of course, Jellycats.

Again, if you have younger kids or want more, last years souvenir guide was increasingly epic with all the toys they’ve overly loved and have not ended up in a landfill. Check it out HERE.

Well, there you have it. Souvenir ideas directly from Charlie and Birdie that they think most kids will really love (because they want them too:)) Hope this helps! xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Emily’s “Messy” But FULL Of Memories Christmas Family Room

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