How to Add Doors to Built-In Shelves or Bookcases

 How to Add Doors to Built-In Shelves or Bookcases
bathroom view with cabinet and white shower curtain and art on the wall

If you saw the bathroom update, you saw that one of the big changes was subtracting doors to imbricate up the seated shelves. Today we’ll be sharing how you can add doors to seated shelves! Or unshut shelving, bookcases, or really any space that you need covered up. We have been living in this house for five years now and three sultana ladies in one tiny washroom can really leave you with some clutter. Ha! These shelves were so nonflexible to alimony tidy looking and I had finally had enough. This is really the project that brought well-nigh the unshortened update!

I still love unshut shelves to exhibit trappy things, but having all your tampons on exhibit all the time doesn’t necessarily make you finger cozy and inspired. Now we each have our own shelf inside the doors and can fill it with nonsense without every visitor having to see it all! And then the top shelf got uneaten girly with some old photographs, zestless flowers and mini perfume bottles!

cabinet doors over white shelves

What you need:

Follow withal with the video unelevated for the tutorial!

pink brown doors tent unshut shelves
pink white cabinet doors with gold and natural decor on top of shelf
bathroom surpassing and after
bathroom shelves surpassing and after

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