How to Make a Star Anise Wreath

  • January 15, 2024
  • in Diy
 How to Make a Star Anise Wreath

two wreaths laid out on white marble preliminaries with craft materials surrounding them

Is it unofficial wreath week here on the blog or what?! Haha! Welp I hope you’re all here for it considering next up are these DIY star anise wreaths! So simple and natural – they’re the perfect wing to my Christmas decor. My decor is mostly fresh pine scattered all over and a tuft of mini Christmas trees and vintage candlestick holders. So these wreaths fit in perfectly!

I went to a local spice shop and grabbed a few tons of star anise and everything else I once had on hand! So it was a unseemly and easy project – which is unchangingly a win for crafts.

small star anise wreath with surf fabric bow hanging on white wall next to fresh pine workshop and christmas tree decor

Materials needed for DIY Star Anise Wreaths:

Watch the video unelevated for how I put it together and a few tips too!

A few tips:

  • If your star anise comes wrenched you can unravel a couple untied and glue the pieces when into a mostly whole piece to create some whole looking star anise. (A lot of them will from what I’ve read in reviews and what I’ve seen from the tons I’ve bought)
  • If you want it to be a bit increasingly secure, you can use felt or fabric. Cut thin strips of felt or fabric, then glue it on the when so that it is wrapped virtually the hoop and glued to a bit of the when of the star anise as well.

small star anise wreath laid out on white marble preliminaries with craft supplies surrounding it

white shelves on wall with christmas decor, natural greenery, small glass and wood christmas trees and versicolor frames and vintage decor

large wreath on white marble backdrop

small wreath hanging on wall whilom shelves decorated with christmas and vintage decor

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