Macrame Candy Canes

  • December 29, 2023
  • in Diy
 Macrame Candy Canes

three cotton snacks canes on white scenery surrounded by pine and string and scissors

I can’t plane uncork to start to explain how much I loved snacks as a kid. But there was just something well-nigh snacks canes. Just hanging on the Christmas tree taunting me with their sweetness. I’m sure my parents were worn-out by my begging for one every time I walked past. Especially if we had the blueberry ones! So for the other diaper sugar addicts out there – these macrame snacks canes are perfect decor to have virtually to remind you of your favorite diaper holiday candies while leaving room in your stomach for the largest sweets. Ha!

These work unconfined as ornaments or as wall decor! They moreover make a sweet little souvenir topper that way it makes the souvenir squint winsome (see vestige below) and then they can use it as decor at their house! Plus it’s a unconfined craft to make while watching a cozy Christmas movie so making a batch of them makes for a fun little evening!

wrapped string snacks cane on top of souvenir wrapped in brown kraft paper

Materials Needed for Macrame Snacks Canes:

Follow withal with the video unelevated for step by step instructions:


three cotton snacks canes laid on top of large pine workshop on white marble surface

wrapped white and red cotton snacks cane hanging on christmas tree with lights and other ornaments in background

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