Simple DIY Pie Slice Boxes Made from Paper Plates

  • November 22, 2022
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 Simple DIY Pie Slice Boxes Made from Paper Plates

*Thank you to maurices and ShopStyle for teaming up with us on this sponsored post; it’s a fun one! We invite you to discover maurices and try this easy Thanksgiving place-setting craft.

Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays of the year in my opinion considering it revolves virtually 1) eating, and 2) family. No gifts to buy, no voucher to follow; just relaxation, camaraderie, and did I mention food? While Thanksgiving may be low-stress, it doesn’t midpoint it’s not a time to grandstand a little bit. In my family, everyone pulls out all the stops when it comes to cooking, decorating, and showing up dressed to impress.

We’ve got you covered on all of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes (have you tried Penny’s Perfect Pie Crust? It’s incredible!), a fun Thanksgiving table setting craft below, and some hot fall fashions from maurices that your pocketbook is going to love. You’re going to be all set this Thanksgiving.

Simple DIY Pie Slice Boxes, Plus Easy Chic Fashions from maurices

When it comes to crafting, I’m all well-nigh easy and inexpensive. The same can be said well-nigh my style. I like pieces that flatter all the right places, finger good all day long, and make a put-together yet outgoing statement. Girl next door meets fashionista. If you haven’t discovered maurices recently, you owe it to yourself to get reacquainted. I’ve found the cutest hoodies, jeans, tops, and boots all at an spanking-new price point. Increasingly well-nigh my fave maurices picks below, plus the tutorial to some easy pie slice boxes that squint really cute on your Thanksgiving table.

DIY Pie Slice Boxes

I was looking for a cute way for guests to take a slice of pie home without Thanksgiving dinner. There were a few options online, but not unbearable time to ship surpassing the big feast. So I went to the drawing workbench and decided to make my own using something that everyone has on hand: paper plates. These DIY pie slice boxes are easy to whip together the day surpassing Thanksgiving and are the perfect vessels for those yummy pie slices.

Materials Needed:

You’ll need: paper plates, scissors, a hot glue gun, and string.


1. Create a triangle by folding the paper plate so that there is a triangle inside. Imagine a piece of pie fitting inside.

2. Cut a 1-inch slit at each of the three corners.

3. Make a bow-tie fold at each slit.

You should have three little bow-tie folds when you’re done.

4. Bring each side up and hot glue them together until you have a triangle-shaped container.

That’s it! Add a piece of pie and tie it together with string or butcher’s twine.

It really is such a simple Thanksgiving craft that adds a farmhouse flare to a tablescape and serves a practical purpose–a sweet take-home treat for your guests.

Easy, Chic Pieces from maurices

I unchangingly segregate my Thanksgiving pants wisely, you know what I mean? Jeans with unbearable stretchhh, but that hug the curves just right. ‘Cause ain’t nobody want to have to unbutton that top sawed-off without turkey dinner.


I love the Everflex upper rise woebegone skinny jeans considering I loved the buttons and the color. The fit wasn’t as tight as I was expecting so I would probably size lanugo one size, but they have unconfined stretch and flexibility. (Definitely unconfined Thanksgiving pants!) The mitten was increasingly like a boyfriend jean and I’ll probably roll them up. 

maurices unchangingly has unconfined promos on their jeans, so trammels in often.


I love flannels and plaids for winter, withal with cozy hoodies, which are very reasonably priced! 


When browsing maurices trendy shoe section, I immediately gravitated to their boots. I love the fur on them and the fit is perfect. Make sure to trammels maurices commonly as I’ve seen some GREAT promos on their boots and shoes!

Pre-Black Friday Deals

Starting right now, every single day maurices has some superstitious promo going on. It’s so exciting! Go discover maurices for yourself and get some really cute gown for a unconfined price. 

Happy holidays!


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