How To Add Interest To You Gallery Wall Artwork

 How To Add Interest To You Gallery Wall Artwork

Gallery walls are a great way to add some more style into your home and show some of your personality. The best part of creating a gallery wall is acquiring the unique pieces, which is half of the fun, especially if you’re a fan of the hunt.

The nice part about gallery walls is that there are really no two that are totally alike, and they can really become a reflection of your personality. Many times, a piece found in a gallery wall can stop people in their tracks. What makes a gallery wall truly stand out?


Add Some Intrigue Into Your Home

Charles Busch is an actor, director, novelist, playwright, and drag legend who lives in New York City’s West Village. His apartment is full of style and character, all punctuated with some great art. So what’s his secret?

Busch shares: “Every few years, when I’m experiencing writer’s block and unable to get my real work done, I find myself turning to crafts.” His main piece of advice is to go for bold choices when it comes to design.

For example, he used picture frame molding to level up his artwork hanging on the walls. Outside of his bedroom, you might noticed interesting floral wallpaper in the hallway. Then, you might be drawn to the orange molding around a gold framed print.


Busch’s Framed Framed Print

That means he’s actually framed a frame, which sounds crazy but is actually quite interesting to look at. Without the extra glass and with extra black space as a border, the wall feels really full.

Whether you choose to buy a molding or to create your own, it certainly adds great personality through custom trim work. The DIY option is of course the lower cost option, so it’s available even if you don’t have a huge budget to work with.

You can thrift a frame that is much larger than your print in order to create the look. Mount it on the wall using command strips or nails if you’re a renter, and then you can hang up your artwork, making it the focal point.

Hanging up your artwork is a great way to add style to your home. Busch says:  “I’m pleased that my apartment can be viewed as a complete expression of my personality. After a study of each room, you would know just about everything important about me.”

Gallery Walls Add Personality

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