I’m a hairdresser – people are brushing their hair wrong and it’s just making tangles worse

 I’m a hairdresser – people are brushing their hair wrong and it’s just making tangles worse

THERE’S nothing increasingly worrying than trying to get tangles out of your hair, only for it to get knottier and knottier by the second.

But one hairdresser has revealed it’s all to do with the way you skim it, and changing direction could be a game changer.

A hairdresser took to TikTok to explain why it’s weightier to skim your hair from the bottom[/caption]
She demonstrated on two sections of hair, brushing the left side from the bottom[/caption]
She moreover demonstrated how the rummage got stuck when she was trying to untangle from the top down[/caption]
Brushing from the top lanugo can unquestionably rationalization a lot of breakage as it’s ripping the knots rather than loosening them[/caption]

Hairstylist Shannon – who is moreover a hair extension specialist – explained that brushing your locks from top to marrow is the biggest mistake you can make.

She demonstrated in a video on TikTok by using two sets of hair extensions, both of which she tangled up using a comb.

Shannon then took the rummage and showed how easy it was to detangle one side when she brushed it starting at the bottom.

On the other side, she began at the top.

“This is why you should skim your hair starting at the bottom,” she wrote over the video.

“Brushing from the top compresses all the tangles into one big knot.”

People in the comments section were quick to weigh in, with one writing: “WAIT BUT EVER SINCE I STARTED DOING THIS MY HAIR HAS HAD BARELY ANY KNOTS.”

“Who brushes their hair at the top?” flipside asked.

“Wow, thank you, I’ve grown my hair out long and have been having an issue with tangles,” a third commented.

“Best hair hack,” someone else praised.

As flipside wrote: “Ooo thx for the tip”.

“I thought everybody knew this,” someone else said.

To which Shannon replied: “You’d be surprised!”

While it may finger counterintuitive to skim from the bottom, doing so ways you can loosen knots as you go – and you don’t end up ripping the hair.

It’s important to skim your hair regularly, as doing so helps distribute the scalp oils withal the unshortened strand.

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