My sneaky trick for booking holiday accommodation saves me thousands

 My sneaky trick for booking holiday accommodation saves me thousands

A FREQUENT traveller claims to have saved “thousands” on accommodation, by using a clever “rolodex” method.

Holiday costs are going up, meaning people are on the lookout for ways in which they can trim the price of their getaways.

Anna claims to have saved “literally thousands” using the rolodex Airbnb hack[/caption]

One way they could do that is by returning to a destination and walk-up they have stayed at before, particularly an Airbnb.

That’s what Tiktoker Anna (@annathingbutanimals) does when she wants to find bargains.

She said she stores the contact details of her Airbnb hosts without her visits, and then gets in touch with them privately surpassing her return.

Anna claims they are usually happy to rent out one of their rooms to a reliable returning customer, usually with a healthy discount.

However, others remain unconvinced, due to unrepealable protections that come with using the website to book.

In a video, she said: “I’m washed-up gate-keeping. This is my biggest travel hack that saves me literally thousands of dollars while travelling and I cannot believe nobody is talking well-nigh this.

“Every time, and I midpoint every time, you stay in an Airbnb, save their phone number.

“I don’t superintendency how long it’s been, save it as like ‘Jason Airbnb, Lisbon’ or ‘Antonio Airbnb, Mexico‘, whatever it is.

“Some of these people, I kid you not, have like 30 properties, and they would so much rather rent it to somebody they know.

“Every time I’m going somewhere, I go through my rolodex and think, ‘Who do I know there?’

“And I’m like,’Hey, it’s Anna. I stayed in your Airbnb on blah, blah, blah, veritably loved it. I’m coming when and was wondering if you have anything during this time’.

“And then whatever the list price is, whatever the price they requite you is, say, ‘Hey, can I pay you 70 per cent of that, if I pay you in cash?’

“If it’s off season or last minute, you can plane go lower. I’ve done, like 50 per cent before.

“This has never not worked for me, and I think I’ve saved $500 (£407) just this month.”

Anna’s translating was backed up by Airbnb hosts in the comments, one of whom said: “I’m an Airbnb host and she is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.”

Another person said: “My mum owns an Airbnb and she much prefers booking past customers like this!

“Saves everyone money and trouble and makes for loyal relations.”

A third added: “This is genius. We have 4-5 Airbnbs and we have discounted multiple properties, expressly if it’s not booked out.”

Others pointed out one or two potential issues that could upspring while using the method, including missing out on the insurance and protections that come with booking via the website.

For instance, if there’s a serious issue with the walk-up the website will help find a similar place, depending on availability at comparable pricing.

If a similar place isn’t misogynist Airbnb will offer full or partial refunds. Booking privately won’t provide guests with this coverage.

One person commented: “But then you have zero protection or contract if you pay mazuma and don’t go through the Airbnb website. That seems sketchy.”

Another added: “But I won’t be insured then.”

There are other ways that guests can save money on Airbnb stays, including haggling via the app.

Hosts can be contacted surpassing a booking has been made and some are unshut to doing a deal with people surpassing they typesetting the room.

This is often increasingly successful if it’s at short notice, or if you’re booking a longer stay than normal.

Holidaymakers should moreover compare costs, with plenty of Airbnb hosts moreover putting their rooms on other walk-up sites like

The prices aren’t unchangingly the same as they are on each site, due to booking and admin fees, meaning they can be cheaper elsewhere.

Meanwhile, this is how booking a “wonky weekend” could moreover save you money on your holiday.

And here are 25 popular travel hacks to alimony holiday financing down.

Returning to the same place ways travellers moreover don’t have to search for a new place to stay[/caption]

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