What Are Some Of The Biggest Bathroom Trends Right Now?

 What Are Some Of The Biggest Bathroom Trends Right Now?

There’s something about a great bathroom that can make us feel truly at home. Maybe it’s that spa-at-home feeling that makes us feel like home can be just as luxurious, or that a nice, relaxing bath at the end of the day is the epitome of cozy. Whatever it is, bathroom trends can actually increase the value of your home by up to 5%. Here are some of the most popular bathroom features that you might want to consider adding to your own home.


Bathroom Trends

Popular Fixture: Bidet

While bidets have been quite commonplace in other parts of the world, most American homes do not usually have bathrooms that come with a bidet. According to Google, bidet searches reached 1.68 million, likely because they are eco-friendly as they help cut down on toilet paper and wipes use. Smart toilets have also been a popular search.



Popular Style: Scandinavian

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but Scandinavian style bathrooms took the number one search spot, with a 340% increase in online searches in 2021. Also popular were vintage bathrooms, terrazzo style, spa-style, and minimalistic bathrooms. As fashion comes in cycles, vintage style pink tiles have come back and experienced a 19% increase in popularity.

Scandinavian Style Bathroom

Popular Feature: Heated Towel Racks

Increasing the value of your bathroom (and in turn, your home) doesn’t always just mean changing the style. You can add extra features, and the recent most popular trends has been heated towel racks. More popular features include heated floors, using light and soft lighting, brass shower screens, and bluetooth bathroom lighting.


Heated Towel Racks

Popular Paint Color: Sage

The color of the bathroom walls can play a huge part in the overall feel of the room. The most popular choice as of late has been sage, which is earthy and gives a great spa vibe. Second to sage was pistachio, another calming shade of green. The other top colors were pink, emerald, and taupe.


Sage Colored Walls

Trends On The Decline

While new trends always pop up, in order to make way for the new trends, some become less popular. Gold showers’ popularity decreased by 24%. Gold bathroom accessories also went down by 42%. The same goes for copper accessories, which declined by 45% since May 2020. Whirlpool baths, which were once the accessory, experienced a 17% decline in searches.


Gold Fixtures

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