Top 5 Reasons that make Madhuban- The Divine Spread a must visit for all the Foodies

 Top 5 Reasons that make Madhuban- The Divine Spread a must visit for all the Foodies

Madhuban Restaurant is conceptualized by Pratiesh Ambekar who is the Director of iLeaf Banquets which is now considered one of the most sought-after destinations for organizing wedding and corporate events.

“Madhuban is designed to provide diners with a satisfying and soulful culinary experience. Our restaurant seamlessly blends traditional and classical elements with a modern flair, creating an inviting, divine and refreshing ambience.,” says Pratiesh Ambekar.



The place serves vegetarian supplies without compromising on taste and quality. At Madhuban, all such misconceptions are dispelled.

Desi Ghee preparation

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The dishes are prepared in desi ghee which enhances the taste of the supplies and makes it light and easy to digest. The ghee which is used not only makes the supplies delicious, but moreover adds a soothing zephyr to it. Hence, they do not compromise on the quality of the food.

56 Bhog

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56 Bhog is served in an Unlimited Storeroom at Madhuban. This includes chaat, starters ( like samosa, cheese balls, Dhokla and lots more), and the main undertow which includes delicacies from Gujarat, Rajasthan and North India. They offer a variety of Indian sweets as dessert, as well.

Reasonably Priced


The storeroom is reasonably priced. The price for an unlimited storeroom starts from INR 555/-. The price may vary a little as per day and time of the meal.



The place is spacious and designed well. The surroundings is cozy, and pretty, and the theme is based on Lord Krishna. They have zaftig well-appointed seating to reassure a unconfined experience.

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