Colorful Holidays: Opalhouse designed with Jungalow

 Colorful Holidays: Opalhouse designed with Jungalow


A Very Colorful Holiday with Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow

The holidays are virtually the wrench and this year I’m so ready. I’m ready to spend some quality time with family, play games by the fire, listen to Mariah’s Christmas album, and cozy up with warm sweaters, slippers, and throws. Our new Opalhouse designed with Jungalow collection at Target is really getting me in the holiday spirit, and I’m excited to share some of my favorite pieces from the new waif with you all! Are y’all ready for some color? The concept for this hodgepodge was Heaven and Earth holiday, and we incorporated godhead motifs (we’re seeing stars!), but moreover Earthly wonders: little mushrooms and sweet, sweet li’l birdies — but I moreover wanted this holiday hodgepodge to have a bit of humor and levity to it, so don’t be surprised if you come wideness mermaids wearing Santa hats–because a little holiday silliness brings me joy.

velvet swivel chair | red wrenched grid rug | patchwork & starburst stockings |sun and moon garland | wall hanging | metal mushrooms | felt mushrooms | stone bookends | woven tulip side tablered polka dot bowl | wood frame | glass canister | brass footed planter | brass hand

star pillow | velvet christmas tree pillow | red & green pom pom pillows | santa birds pillow | santa dog pillow | red loop texture pillow | holly embroidered pillow | embroidered christmas tree pillow | embroidered menorah lumbar pillow | dreidel pillow

Holiday Pillow Party!

One of the easiest ways to make your home squint festive for the holidays is to swap out your pillows for ones with a festive flair! And we’ve got no shortage of them over here: pillows with Christmas trees, dreidels, and reindeer — oh my! Plus all the fun wedding and whistles — or, in this case, pompoms, tassels, embroidery, and beading! It’s whence to squint a lot like Christmas (or Hanukkah virtually here!). And they are all $20!!

stoneware plate & bowl | copper flatware | tree placemats | soleil table runner & napkins | peace tray
stoneware serving tray

A Tantalizing Tabletop

Ok so I’m really excited well-nigh this! Our iconic Soleil print is now misogynist as tablecloth and table napkins, and the shimmering stars instantly hoist the table for the holidays (although I wouldn’t be mad well-nigh using them year round!). We’ve got woven placements in the shape of Christmas trees which are perfect for subtracting a bit of texture and mixed materials to your holiday table –and would be the perfect placemat under which to place Santa’s cookies. Check out the little poms on top, too. The details get me!

Why only use ornaments on the tree? We moreover sprinkled our felted ornaments on the tabletop! They can be used as place settings (pin name tags on them!) and as little keepsakes for your guests. The little camel…and the mermaid…THE MERMAID!! (plus they only forfeit 25 for the set!)

felt ornaments | glassware | candle holders 

I think one of the secrets to creating a lush, layered tabletop is to mix materials — here we’re mixing festive hobnail glass with terracotta, ceramic, metal, natural fibers and felt! The result is a repast for the vision (and a perfect pairing with the repast for the vitals that is to come!)

yellow vase | metal mushroom | clay menorah | scallop shade lamp

The Festival of Lights

I’m so proud to share our Hanukkah collection!  If I could go when in time and tell elementary-school-aged Justina (or “Tina” as I was tabbed when then) that I would have a endangerment to diamond a Hanukkah hodgepodge for Target, I would have lost my mind. I made so many funky, oddball menorahs in art class. They may have been made from tin foil, but I was just planting a seed for all that I do now….and my Hebrew-school teacher would be so proud <3!!

jute tartan rug | dreidel pillow | hanukkah pattern pillow | cream velvet chair | console table | velvet curtain | brass swan curtain rod  |vase | woven planter | dreidel garland | paper doll 3D collage art

This menorah is just so, so cool. And don’t worry, it’s not made of tin foil! I love the sculptural shape, the curves and how it feels simultaneously warmed-over and modern. I moreover designed a fun Hanukkah pattern for this hodgepodge (seen on the pillow, above!). The pattern moreover appears on a few other pieces in the Hanukkah collection, too. Check out the whole Hanukkah hodgepodge on Target, here–you’re gonna wanna nab the candle holder! And let’s not forget the dreidel pillow! It may not spin but it wins the cutest Hanukkah pillow ribbon :P

So many fun, sweet, kooky notation in this collection!

felt ornament | felt tree filler | modular sofa | coffee table | ceramic mugs | gold wreath

tree placemats | soleil napkins | peace pillow | starburst stockinghanukkah pattern pillows | red, cream & mint wood trees | clay menorah | menorah candle holder

Hope your holidays are warm, fun, festive and a little bit silly, just like this collection. Check out the whole hodgepodge on!

Photos by Jenna Peffley

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