Jungalow by the Mountain, House Tour

 Jungalow by the Mountain, House Tour

This post is contains gifted items from Reform Cabinets, GE Cafe, Kohler, Velux Skylights and Zia Tile. Thank you for supporting our partners. 

Welcome to #JungalowByTheMountain! I’m excited to invite you into our home today and take you a bit overdue the scenes and share inspiration and resources into our new home.

The Entryway

First up — the entryway to our home. (Above and below).  I wanted our entryway to finger warm, inviting and happy, so we painted it a mellow yellow (Farrow & Ball, Citron). I  like to have welcoming symbols at our entryway so you’ll find hands waving hello and goodbye, angels, hearts, and lovebirds all gathering here.

The vintage panel table (c. 1980’s) was one of the first pieces I purchased for the house. I found it on Chairish.com and I was drawn to its lines and permafrost — also, the verisimilitude was perfectly pink and ended up informing the colors of the whole room.

The protuberant niche came with the home (funny considering in our last home, we created several protuberant niches that squint just like this one). We were inspired by our trip to Jaipur, India to paint the niche yellow and to add the yellow stripe virtually the room.

Paint Colors:
Bottom half: Farrow & Ball Ointment Pink
Upper half: Farrow & Ball Pink Ground
Yellow Stripe and in niche: Farrow & Ball Citron

I had been collecting the little contumely Moroccan mirrors for years and on a whim, decided to build a gallery with them virtually the niche. Putting them up was fun — I tried to create a non-symmetrical/ symmetrical situation. How did I do? :P You can find these mirrors on Etsy should you want to replicate the look.

Additional Sources:

  1. Brass sun squatter sculpture by PAUL BELLARDO c. 1960’s, purchased at Rose Bowl Flea market.
  2. Early 20th century Ethiopian Jimma stool purchased at a flea market many moons ago :)

The Living Room

Our living room is really the heart of our home. One of my intentions for this home was to entertain a lot, so I really wanted a space where people could gather, play games, dance, sing, and flourish up by the fireplace–but this room moreover needed to function well for me and my little family too — I wanted it to be cozy for movie nights, charades or reading a good book.  We widow the bookcases that flank the fireplace, as well as the light fixtures and the paint, but the rest of the room stayed pretty much as we found it. The sofa (which is one of the most trappy and most comfy sofas I’ve overly had, is the Paloma Sofa in Maestro Loden Fabric by my friends at Clad Home.

Paint Colors:
Darker Pink: Farrow & Ball Ointment Pink
Lighter Pink: Farrow & Ball Pink Ground
Yellow Stripe: Farrow & Ball Citron
Green In shelves: Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green


Additional Sources:

  1. Chairs: c. 1980’s swivel chairs in original fabric, purchased from @ModernHaus on IG 
  2. Pony Tail Palm (front) sourced by Folia Collective in Highland Park
  3. C. 1970’s Tulip coffee table in natural red marble purchased on 1st Dibs 
  4. Tassel pillow: Justina Blakeney for Loloi Rugs / Jungalow.com
  5. Lorenzo Chandeliers, Soho Home
  6. Pencil Rattan Panel table c. 1970’s purchased on Chairish.com
  7. Green Star Pouf and pillow custom made from Justina Blakeney Estrella Jacquard fabric from Valdese Weavers
  8. Yellow Round Throw Pillow – Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™- Target


The Lanai

Off the living room is one of the most magical spaces in the house, the lanai — which I really wanted to make finger like an indoor garden somewhere in the Mediterranean. The thing that I’m most proud of in this space is the floor tile pattern. The tile is one that I’ve loved for years and years, a traditional Moroccan pattern that I got from Badia Design, an wondrous Moroccan import store in North Hollywood. We took a leap of faith and had the tile installed in a non-traditional, random pattern, and it makes me happy every single time I pass over it. So, so wild. 

Paint Color:
Farrow & Ball Terre D’Egypte

Additional Sources

  1. Upholstered Furniture: Mid-Century Modern Italian Fringed Velvet Armchairs Designed by Luigi Saita, 1940s. Purchased on 1st Dibs
  2. Table: Moroccan Tray table purchased at the sale pursuit the latter of the historic Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles
  3. Sofa: Moses Pencil Rattan Sofa, Justina Blakeney for Selamat (no longer in production) Sofa Cushions: Custom cushions made with Justina Blakeney Rainforest Jacquard fabric by Valdese Weavers 
  4. Yellow Cushions on sofa: Paradise Leaf Embroidered Velvet Lumbar Throw Pillow – Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™- Target
  5. Wall Corbels (?) (not sure if that’s what they are) were moreover a vintage Rosebowl Flea market find. 

The Kitchen

And into our kitchen!! After living for scrutinizingly an unshortened year with a makeshift kitchen set up in the lanai — doing dishes in an outdoor sink and “cooking” with countertop appliances– I do not take this kitchen for granted! I’m obsessed! And I’m enjoying cooking like never before.

The focal point of our kitchen has to be this zone with the GE Cafe induction range. We got the induction range considering eventually, we hope to have the whole home running on solar without the need for gas. (Also–side note — there is an ordinance banning gas stoves from all new residential and commercial constructions to help reduce harmful greenhouse gases by 2023 in California, so we figured we might as well get used to cooking on an induction stovetop.) And I have to say, so far I LOVE it. Water boils so quickly on this stove, I can steam veggies or swash water for pasta in just a few minutes! Also, the stovetop itself doesn’t heat up when we’re cooking–and since Ida is just starting to show interest in cooking, it makes me finger increasingly at ease letting her melt scrambled eggs and things knowing the stovetop won’t shrivel her li’l fingers.

The double oven is a vibe. Last week I roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus up top while making salmon lanugo below. Into it. I chose the white finish for the range so that it would recall the white custom range hood whilom it (more details on that below) and we went with the Brushed Bronze finish on the hardware and we have a whole eclectic, mixed-metal thing going on in the kitchen that I love. 

I designed the custom range hood and had it built by our superstitious contractors, New Generation Home Improvements. It’s made of glue and we used the GE range hood insert for the functionality. The tile on the backsplash is Terra Rosa hex Zellige from Zia Tile . I love the verisimilitude variation in the Moroccan tile so much. We tried to alimony grout lines minimal and used a darker grout that we wanted to tousle in to the tiles so the sustentation would stay with the tile, not the grout.

We moreover installed a Kohler pot-filler from the Artifacts collection. This is the first time I’ve overly had a pot filler. While at first I really just wanted it for the looks, I’ve been surprised with how much I’ve used it — expressly since our sink is kinda from far from the stove.  

The kitchen cabinets are from Reform CPH, from their Basis collection. Reform CPH is a Danish visitor that started out doing fronts for Ikea cabinets. But now, they create fully modular kitchens, and my goodness are they beautiful. We’re lucky that Reform CPH has a showroom here in Los Angeles, so we got a endangerment to go trammels out all the styles and materials surpassing landing on the Basis collection. I love the natural wood — it gives a warm earthiness to the kitchen, but the wipe lines are a nice juxtaposition to the elements in the kitchen that are increasingly handmade and a bit wonkier, like the range hood and the tile. Moreover there are a lot of really unconfined little diamond elements with subconscious functionality, like pull-out organizers, cutlery trays and waste sorting solutions built into the cabinetry.

We used a Crema Marfil Marble for the counters. And while I love, love, love the verisimilitude and the look, everyone warned me worldly-wise marble countertops and I didn’t listen. It does stain VERY hands and there are certain people in my household who are not thrilled well-nigh that. SO I think if I could go when in time, that’s one thing I would do differently. As much as I love the surf color, I think I’d go when to Silestone. 


  1. Backsplash Tile, Terra Rosa hex Zellige from Zia Tile
  2. Kitchen Cabinets: Reform CPH, Basis collection
  3. Rug: Vintage Turkish Kilim runner c. 1980’s
  4. Range Hood: Custom glue range hood designed by me, built by New Generation Home Improvements
  5. Pot Filler: Kohler, Artifacts collection
  6. Pot: Perfect Pot by Our Place 
  7. Countertop: Crema Marfil Marble 
  8. GE Cafe induction range

I knew I wanted this room to harness a ton of natural light, so we had two Velux Skylights installed a WOW!! Did they make a difference!! I love that I can squint up through them and see the Italian Cypress tree that’s in our front yard. They unshut up the space immensely and add fresh air to this space too. Also, these skylights are smart and tropical automatically if it starts to rain — I mean…pretty wondrous technology. They skylights moreover make it easy to alimony lots of happy plants in here – which y’all know is important to me!
The floor tile is cement hex tile in sage from Zia Tile.

Additional Sources:

  1. Cabinets, Reform CPH Basis Collection
  2. GE Cafe Dishwasher in white with Brushed Bronze hardware 
  3. Wall Tile: Glazed Earth Zellige by Zia Tile
  4. KOHLER Artifacts Sink Faucet
  5. Almada Pendant lamp, Jungalow / Jungalow.com
  6. Rug, Vintage Moroccan Rug purchased on Etsy.com (similar)


On this side of the kitchen, we have our seated microwave/convection oven (love that it has both functions!), our GE Cafe refrigerator and lots of space for supplies storage in the Reform CPH cabinets.

Over here we created a little coffee/tea bar that I really love. We used the same backsplash tile in the little recess to tie it when to the wall overdue the range. It has been my dream to have a defended spot for coffee and tea since I lived in Switzerland when I was a teenager, so this zone brings me a lot of joy. I moreover really love our countertop coffee maker from GE Cafe. It’s so fast and easy and the coffee comes out perfect every time. We used uneaten wood from the Reform CPH cabinets on this side to create the unshut shelving. The cabinets are totally modular and the Reform CPH team was unconfined at helping us to create the perfect configuration for our needs and wants. I love the combination of unshut and subconscious storage that we have here.


Dining Room

And that brings us to our dining room. In this room, we were worldly-wise to restore the original hardwood floors, and widow that seated bookshelf. I think my favorite finds for this room are the “chicken chairs” which were a vintage score from Chairish.com. I moreover had fun getting all DIY and sewing the window treatments using my Huntington Linen Print fabric by Valdese Weavers. The trappy Song of India in the corner was sourced from my friends at Folia Collective

Additional Sources:

  1. Paint Color: Farrow & Ball Ointment Pink (Archive collection)
  2. c.1980’s Italian travertine dining table. Purchased on Chairish.com
  3. C. 1970’s Rattan and chrome dining chairs upholstered in “chicken” fabric – purchased on Chairish.com
  4. Senufo wooden Stool – purchased from Rose Bowl Flea market 
  5. Window Coverings: DIY’d from Justina Blakeney Huntington Linen Print fabric by Valdese Weavers / Fabricut
  6. Glass Pendant c. 1960’s, vintage purchased at Dekor Living Los Angeles
  7. Brass floor lamp c. 1970’s, vintage purchased at Uncharted Antiques, Pasadena
  8. Rug: Malik Geometric Zone Rug in Dove by Justina Blakeney for Loloi Rugs

Powder Room

We widow a powder room where there wasn’t one previously. In our last home, to get to a restroom you had to pass through a bedroom. The original configuration of this home had the same thing going on, so I really wanted to add a powder room for guests to use without going through our bedroom.  I found this vintage dry sink surpassing we plane had the floorplans washed-up for the remodel, so if you’re wondering how it fits so precisely in here, we literally built the room to fit the dry sink! Ha! Our contractors cut a slum in the marble for the sink, and we installed the stunning Spun Glass Vessel Washroom Sink by Kohler in Translucent Dew and paired it with the Artifacts Faucet, moreover from Kohler. We then installed our Phoenix wallpaper in Jungle to add a bit of luxe jungalicioussness to this space. The wallpaper is a whole vibe all on its own so I decided to alimony the spare traps graphic and monochromatic. I went with an inlay mirror I found on Etsy.

The sun wall sconce was flipside vintage find. The striped cup/vase is part of our Kaya hodgepodge at Jungalow.

Primary Bedroom

And that takes us into our bedroom…

This may be my favorite room in the house (OK I love all the rooms…). But really plane surpassing we painted or did anything at all this room was really special. I love the gentle slope in the ceiling, and the verdant views from the windows — and the fireplace (!!!)
The rug is from my Jamila Hodgepodge with Loloi Rugs, the untried quilt is our Sol quilt in sage from Jungalow.

We painted this room in a teal limewash from Sydney Harbor Paint Co. Our painter put the paint on the walls with a big brush, instead of a roller to get all of this water-like texture. At first, I was on the fence well-nigh painting the ceiling or leaving it white. Ultimately I’m happy with the visualization to paint the whole room considering it just sort of envelops you and really creates a whole feeling that’s so weird and tomfool and special.  I really, really love waking up in here.

The headboard and nightstands are vintage. The pillow is Justina X Loloi. The palm tree lamps are from HK Living.

Primary Bathroom

And that brings us to our primary bathroom. Ooof I love this space so much. I think we tried out well-nigh 100 configurations for this room surpassing landing on this layout. I was trying to fit a lot in!  We combined two small bathrooms to create this large washroom and the powder room. We moreover got rid of the waif ceiling in this zone of the house, and though it took forever to get the permits, it was well worth it. It makes the sapce finger twice as large.

In this space, I really wanted a double bathtub, a stand-alone shower, and a private stall for the toilet. The thing that I had to requite up was the double vanity — considering everything was simply not fitting. I’m happy with our choices though. This space is literally my at-home spa and stuff in here is fun, relaxing and invigorating.


  1. Floor Tile: Zia Tile, Glue tile in Aubergine 
  2. Wall Tile: Zia Tile, Zellige tile in Tidepool
  3. Wallpaper: Cosmic Desert Wallpaper, Justina Blakeney/ Jungalow.com
  4. Star Lamp: Vintage Mexican Star lamp with marbles, found on eBay.com
  5. Wall Lamp: Badia Design
  6. Rug / Purchased in Morocco
  7. Double Bathtub by Kohler


From this vantage point, you can see our little toilet stall. I really do love having a little uneaten layer of privacy in here are the vintage Indian saloon doors are just so beautiful.

  1. Doors: Andrianna Shamaris Teak Wood Doors with Shell Inlay
  2. Window: Pasadena Architectural Salvage
  3. Skylight: Velux Skylight

We had our vanity custom-made from cement, like the range hood in the kitchen. I love the plaster look. It reminds me of my time in Mexico and Morocco and feels so good to the touch. We made it this oddball shape so that there would be unbearable room to pass through here considering it’s pretty tropical to the double tub. The mirror and wall lamps are from Badia Design, and the sink and faucet are from Kohler.

Yes, there is a skylight in the shower. In our previous home we had an outdoor shower and we love the feel, so we thought that subtracting a Velux skylight in the shower would requite us a similar feeling and it worked. I love looking up at the sky when I’m showering — and it moreover helps with ventilation.

The contumely finish on the Kohler shower fixtures squint so, so pretty with the shimmering gold in the Cosmic Desert wallpaper, and I really love how it feels luxe but kinda earthy at the same time.

Additional Sources:

  1. Awaken Rainhead Shower from Kohler in Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass
  2. Awaken Handheld from Kohler
  3. Shower tile: Zia Tile, Zellige tile in Glazed Earth
  4. Floor Tile: Zia Tile, Glue tile in Aubergine
  5. Wall Tile: Zia Tile, Zellige tile in Tidepool

Additional Sources:

  1. Purist Faucet, Kohler
  2. Bath Tub: Kohler Tercet Hodgepodge Corner Soaking Bath Tub 
  3. Candle, Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™- Target


And then a little peek into my walk-in-closet. This is truly a happy spot for me!


  1. Closet: California Closets
  2. Palm Tree Mirror: Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow
  3. Channeled Swivel Pouf, c. 1980s, Chairish.com
  4. Pendant: Gubi Tynell 1965 Pendant by Paavo Tynell
  5. Wallpaper in Closet, Cha Cha Wallpaper / Jungalow.com
  6. Rugs: Vintage Turkish and Moroccan rugs purchased while traveling


And lastly for today’s home tour — we have our backyard. This is truly my lifelong dream!! I’m in this pool everyday, rain or shine (but moslty shine!) and my favorite thing is gathering with friends and fmaily out here to hang out, take dips, reservation up and relax. This raised zone we tiled in the same Sage Hex from Zia Tile that we used in our kitchen. I like tying together elements from the outdoors and indoors to remoter create cohesion and protract to mistiness the lines between outdoors and indoors.

Additional Sources:

  1. Lounge chairs by Safavieh purchased from Home Depot
    Lounge Cushions by Sunbrella Indoor/ Outdoor Chaise Lounge Cushions in yellow purchased from Overstock.com
  2. Fringe umbrellas and yellow towels from Business Pleasure Co.  
  3. Pillows, Sun and Striped pillows by Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow from Target.
  4. Feather and bird pillows, custom made from ‘Jungalow by Justina Blakeney’ Inside Out Performance Fabrics from Fabricut
  5. Rugs: Justina Blakeney X Loloi Rugs Pisolino Collection

Additional Sources:

  1. Tented Daybed is from De-cor Pasadena.
  2. Pillows are from Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow at Target.
  3. Yellow pillow part-way when custom made from ‘Jungalow by Justina Blakeney’ Inside Out Performance Fabrics from Fabricut
  4. Blanket is a vintage Kantha quilt 
  5. Stool is from Anthropologie from a few years back
  6. Lanterns are Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow at Target
  7. Waterline tile: 4X4 Sant Gervasi tile from Latin Accents, small 2X2 Sant Gervasi vocalizing tile, 6×6 celadon porcelain field tile- Purchased from Mission Tile West in Pasadena

And this is where I’ll leave you (or you’ll leave me!) for now — but moreover do trammels out the Open Door video tour of the home over on Arch Digest if you missed it! And big huge major shout-outs go to my husband and partner in all things, Jason, who worked with me on this every single step of the way (and Ida who helped a lot too but moreover tolerated living in a construction zone for 8 months!!) Moreover huge thanks to our contractors, New Generation Home Improvements who did such a trappy job on this on a very, very tight timeline. Moreover thanks to all of our partners and to team Jungalow for help with the styling and the photos!

Thanks for stopping by!


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