The Matching Family Holiday Pajamas We Love + One That We Bought This Year

 The Matching Family Holiday Pajamas We Love + One That We Bought This Year

HO HO HO & HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Today we’re gonna yack well-nigh my favorite topic probably ever: matching family pajamas!! I LOVE a good pajama set for the holidays, but I love forcing my family to match plane more. So if you’re in the same boat, I’ve compiled some of our favorites that range from cute to a little ridiculous (in a unconfined way). Let’s lean into the holiday season, folks. HERE WE GO!

First, I just wanted to uncork by saying, yes, I have once picked out some matching pajamas for this year and I will requite you my review. Also, I want to preface with the fact that matching PJs are a COVETED item during the holidays and sell out FAST, so I did my weightier to find mostly affordable options that are still misogynist and will get to you surpassing December ???? When ownership PJs for an unshortened family this stuff can really rack up so I did my weightier to find the most affordable options for everyone!!


The pajamas I have for this year are these which are superstitious considering they have A TON of options for under $30 and they’re all in stock (at least right now!!) I know everyone has a variegated idea of what’s well-appointed PJ-wise, so these are unconfined considering there are button-downs, nightgowns, and PJ bottoms with comfy tees, so everyone can find something they like (there are plane some for the dog which is hilarious). I moreover thought it was cute that the guy’s button-down PJs have a red lining and the women’s PJs have a white lining. It’s matching but that sweet detail makes life easy when sorting through them in the wash!! In terms of quality, I was impressed given the fact that they were $30. They’re fairly thick and are a flannel material which is well-appointed to lounge in but if you’re a hot sleeper maybe not the weightier to sleep in (this was directed toward me as I am a very hot sleeper, so these might just be for Christmas eve/morning with the family). In terms of sizing, I would recommend sizing UP for women (I’m a 4/6 and the size orchestration said I should be a small but the medium was much increasingly comfortable), but for men it seemed to be fairly true to size. The waistband is stretchy so there is some wiggle room in sizes! And that is my full review of the holiday PJs I have, now let’s get to some of the other cuties on the market!!

1. SleepytimePJs Christmas Family Matching Plaid Flannel Pajama Pj Sets: This is the set that I have and just reviewed above…it’s really unconfined for the price!!
2. Santa Baby Embroidered X-Mas Crewneck Sweatshirt: If your family is less into the matching PJ energy and wants to do a matching sweatshirt instead, I found this incredibly cute option that I’m moreover considering purchasing this year (can you tell I love the holidays???)
3. Plaid Pajama Set: Old Navy has so many unconfined and affordable matching options and I LOVE that in this photo they match but aren’t exactly all the same. But if you do want everyone to be in the same squint they have all those options too.
4. Womens Long-sleeve Cotton Poplin Pajama Set Mens Long-sleeve Cotton Poplin Pajama Set Kids Long-sleeve Cotton Poplin Pajama Set: These are on the pricier side but are so pretty and classic!
5. Green Family’s Christmas Pajama Set: Incredibly festive and I finger like this type of PJ is usually super comfortable.
6. Hanukkah Buffalo Check Matching Family Pajamas: How cute are these Hanukkah PJs?! Hanna Andersson has lots of Hanukkah options too:)
7. Black and White Buffalo Check Set: Classic and nice that they don’t scream holiday (if you’re into that. ha)
8. Scandi Snowflake Matching Family Pajamas: So pretty! This visitor is where Em buys lots of Birdie’s dresses and raves well-nigh the quality and they have SO many options to segregate from.
9. Family Matching Tartan Flannel Pajamas: Can matching pajamas squint elegant? Well, these ones are. A little pricy but definitely squint high-end.
10. Reindeer Family Matching One Piece Pajamas: When I mentioned “ridiculous” in the opening paragraph I bet you could guess which one I was chatting about. Let’s requite it up for the most hilarious of the bunch! Fun fact – I used to perform as a dancing reindeer in a tree lighting show when I was in upper school so I most certainly considered ownership these (my family said no and I can’t vituperation them).
11. Striped Pajama Set: These just squint so jolly, right?!
12. Family Untried Plaid Pajamas: If you’re increasingly into a soft verisimilitude squint these are a really unconfined nomination that’s still festive:)

Now, if you’re looking for PJs just for yourself, or you want to squint through increasingly options, let’s talk through a few of Em’s favorites and where she buys pajamas:


photo by veronica crawford | from 8 pajamas to wear all winter long

Em’s Review:

“PJs are not where I splurge in life so I’ve been wearing Target’s matching sets for years. I unquestionably usually buy two of the same so in specimen I misplace a top or bottom, I’m covered.

Comfort: 10/10. Feels like you are wearing nothing, in a good way.
Cuteness: YEP. I finger cute, and considering the shorts are pretty short, Brian really likes these, too. The shorts are tough which is good, they don’t cling and are really loose. They sprawl really nicely, are roomy but not too boxy, and come in so many colors.
Affordability: At $22 for the set, you honestly can’t regret it in any way. The two sets I bought two years ago from Target are just now starting to pill, but I still opt for them in the summer. This model is better.”

Hanna Andersson Pajamas, $34

photo by veronica crawford | from 8 pajamas to wear all winter long

Em’s Review:

“While the version of this PJ set is slightly variegated this year I couldn’t talk PJs without mentioning Hanna Andersson. They specialize in pajamas so you’d expect them to do it right and they do.

Comfort: Another 10/10. They are comfy and lightweight but still warm. I think it’s nonflexible to find a thicker fabric that is moreover very well-appointed and breathable but these are it. Plane though they’re increasingly fitted, they don’t cling to places they shouldn’t.

Cuteness: The henley and long John styles are increasingly playful and whimsical than a boxier model. It does NOT finger tight at the waist and THIS IS KEY. Pajamas that cut in at the waist and requite you an uncomfortable muffin top while you sleep are doing the opposite job it should. I’ve discovered that you want a light rubberband waist, with a drawstring to go tighter if you desire.

Affordability: $68 for the set. These are increasingly expensive than many below, true. I just love them and have found that myself (and Brian and the kids) opt to wear them ALL THE TIME. They just make us happy. The first pair that I had years ago was gifted from the visitor or else I might not have splurged initially, not realizing why they are worth it, but over the years they are the pair that I splurge on for myself. I still wear the untried set, and two years later, they veritably hold up.”

Gap Pajamas, $20

photo by veronica crawford | from 8 pajamas to wear all winter long

Em’s Review:

“I haven’t shopped at the Gap in a while but Arlyn said these got unconfined reviews so I tried them and they are a hell YES.

Comfort: They are so thin and sprawl so so so so well. No wearing in, no clinging to places it shouldn’t. Just EXTREME repletion and breathability. I’m literally wearing them right now as I opted for them to sleep in last night. I had a late dinner with a friend and came home and rummaged virtually JUST for these if that tells you anything. Brian woke up and was like “what are you doing?” and I replied, “sorry! pajama hunting!” These are super lightweight so unconfined if you run hot at night but still want pants and long sleeves.

Cuteness: I finger super cute in these. I have room virtually the waist and it doesn’t cling to my bra strap. They are just GOOD.

Affordability: $77 for the set and worth every penny. I just got them so I don’t know how they wear over time, so if anyone else has increasingly long-term wits with these, please leave in the comments.”

If you wanna see increasingly of Em’s pajama post review it’s all here!

That’s all for today as we know you guys are probably overloaded with turkey day planning, but just wanted to say happy (almost) holidays and hope this guide helps you get your family PJs surpassing it’s too late! And let me know if you purchase the matching PJs I have –– it’ll be an EHD family matching pajama cult!!! I love it. So merry!! xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Our Scandinavian (And Easy, Mess-Free) Holiday Living Room Reveal How I Finally Figured Out My Biggest Styling Problem… And Solved It

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