18 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

  • November 22, 2022
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 18 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

I volunteer every month in my son’s Kindergarten matriculation to do a cooking project with the kids and just had to share these superstitious ideas!  The little ones in your life will love these 18 fun edible Christmas crafts for kids.  Happy Holidays!

Edible Christmas Crafts Collage


18 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids



1. Easy Popcorn Santa
Edible Christmas Crafts 17

2. Aromatic ornaments

Can you believe these sweet ornaments are made with just cinnamon and applesauce?

3. Candy sleighs

Edible Christmas Crafts 16

4. Marshmallow  snowmen with edible markers

Oh my heck, these are too cute!  I’m so making them with my kids this year and then gifting them to our neighbors with a canister of hot cocoa.

5. Edible Santa cups

They squint like cups…but they’re really made of chocolate!Edible Christmas Crafts 13

6. Healthy Santas

 7. Candy-filled ornaments

Get some well-spoken Christmas ornaments, fill them with the snacks of your nomination and then decorate them.Edible Christmas Crafts 12

8. Melted mint ornaments

Edible Christmas Crafts 11

9. Rice crispy ornaments

Form Rice Krispy treats into ornament shapes and decorate them however you like!

Edible Christmas Crafts 10

10. Swiss roll reindeer

Edible Christmas crafts 9

11. Simple snowmen suckers

12. Gumdrop snowflakes

Toothpicks and gumdrops are all you will need for this pretty snowflake project.

Edible Christmas Crafts 7

13. Mini gingerbread houses

Edible Christmas Crafts 6

14. Nutter butter holiday characters

Edible Christmas Crafts 5

15. Ice surf cone Christmas trees

Let your kids get creative by decorating these ice surf cone trees with their own style.  Easy unbearable plane for your toddlers!

Edible Christmas crafts 4

16. Pretzel rod snowmen

Fun and easy to make by dipping pretzel rods in melted white chocolate with fun gumdrop hats and mini chocolate tweedle details.

Edible Christmas Crafts 3

17. Graham cracker Santas

These winsome Santas made from graham crackers and mini marshmallows are not only delicious, they are fun and easy for kids to create.

Edible Christmas Crafts 2

18. Snow-dusted pine cones

I had to squint twice to make sure these trappy concoctions weren’t real pine cones.  I love what they are made of!

Edible Christmas Crafts 1

Hopefully, this gives you a few good ideas to try with your family and friends this holiday season!


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