How To Make Coloring Book Dishes

 How To Make Coloring Book Dishes

This is a great projects for both adults and kids alike, because who says coloring books are just for kids anymore? You can create stunning dishes using your coloring book creations and you end up with a final product that you’ll want to show off and is also super practical. Since the coloring book designs are on the back, it is safe to eat off of these gorgeous plates. This incredible projects comes from Mark Montano, and you can see a full tutorial here.


What You Need

What You Need

-Coloring book pages from your favorite book

-Permanent marker

-Dishwasher Safe Americana Decoupage

-Americana acrylic paint

-Glass plates

-Rubbing alcohol

-Black paint pen


-Small spray bottle with water

What To Do

Start out by cleaning the back of each glass plate with rubbing alcohol. Make sure they’re really clean before you begin the project. Along the edge of the plate, take the black paint pen and trace a line all around to create a nice border.

Find a page or a few from your favorite coloring book that you want to use as a design and make several copies, one for each plate. Once you have your copies, cut out the images very carefully. Arrange the design as you would like it to be on your plate.

Take the spray bottle and mist the back and front of the cutouts with some water. On the front of the design, add Americana Decoupage.


Pretty Plates Exactly How You Like

Very carefully, place the cutout on the plate, making sure to clip the edges in order to make sure that they adhere all around the curves of the plate.

Once you have placed and adhered the cutouts on all the plates, use a paintbrush or a cosmetic sponge to color the back of your plates.

Once the paint is fully dry, coat the entire back of the plate with dishwasher safe Americana Decoupage. Follow the instructions in order to make sure you giver the plates enough curing time.

Enjoy your beautiful dishwasher safe dishes!

Final Product

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