Pop Tart Gingerbread House

  • November 22, 2022
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 Pop Tart Gingerbread House
pop tart gingerbread house with white icing decorations

These pop tart gingerbread houses are a fun way to make gingerbread houses during the holiday season!

We’ve been decorating gingerbread houses with the boys for years as an Advent activity. We unchangingly used graham crackers to build the houses from, but last year decided to switch things up and make pop tart gingerbread houses. The kids loved it and it was unquestionably easier than using graham crackers since the pop tarts are easier to cut.

When making these, just make sure to plan for unbearable time to let the frosting dry once you have the houses put together. They need to be dry to be sturdy unbearable for decorating, expressly if kids will be doing the decorating!

strawberry pop tart gingerbread house decorated with candy
pop tart gingerbread house with white icing decorations
colorful pop tart gingerbread house with snacks on it

Supplies for Pop Tart Gingerbread Houses:

  • pop tarts
  • knife
  • buttercream frosting (I used this recipe)
  • frosting piping tons and round piping tips
  • candy


Watch the video to see how we made these, or the steps and photos are below:

  • You’ll need 6 pop tarts to make this gingerbread house, whatever savor you like. I chose strawberry considering I thought the icing and sprinkles looked like snow with Christmas lights, and brown sugar cinnamon to go for a increasingly traditional looking gingerbread house. You’ll moreover need buttercream frosting and then any snacks you want for decorating your house. 
  • Cut two of the pop tarts to form the roof line, which will be the front and when of the house. I like to use one pop tart on its side as a guide for how low the wilted cut should go. After I have one cut, I just use that as the guide for wearing the second one. (They don’t have to be perfect, it’ll be fine if the roof lines are not perfectly symmetrical). 
  • Take one of the whole pop tarts and on the when side, pipe frosting on each end. Repeat with a second pop tart. 
  • Take one of the cut pop tarts and push that lightly into the frosting on the side piece. Attach the other cut piece to the when end. Take the other frosted side piece and printing that gently into the front and when pieces. You can gently move the pieces virtually to make sure they are straight and lined up how you want them.  
  • Pipe frosting onto the roof line of one half of the house.
  • Take flipside pop tart and printing that gently onto the frosting. Repeat on the other side of the house with the last pop tart.
  • You can wipe up any glut frosting on it if you want, gently wipe with your finger. 
  • Let frosting dry, then decorate.
6 pop tarts on wearing workbench next to bowls of candy
pop tarts on wearing board, one is cut like house
two pop tarts cut like a house
pop tart pieces and snacks for gingerbread house
plain pop tart gingerbread house on wood wearing board
pop tart gingerbread houses on greenery with zestless oranges

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