I’m a professional cleaner – the things that are killing your washing machine… and why overfilling it is wrecking it

 I’m a professional cleaner – the things that are killing your washing machine… and why overfilling it is wrecking it

A CLEANING whizz has revealed the things that are killing your washing machine and why you mustn’t overfill it. 

Lynsey Crombie, who is moreover known as TV’s Queen of Clean, has shared her top tips to not only save money on your washing, but has moreover explained how to alimony your machine smelling fresh.

I’m a professional cleaner – the things that are killing your washing machine… and why overfilling it is wrecking it, https://www.tiktok.com/@lynsey_queenofclean/video/7140994511542553861?lang=en, ,[/caption]
A cleaning whizz has shared her top tips to ensure your washing machine doesn’t get damaged and remains smelling fresh[/caption]
Lynsey Crombie revealed that you mustn’t overfill your machine and must moreover remove your gown as soon as it has finished[/caption]
To soak up water, Lynsey suggested using a microfibre cloth[/caption]

So if your utilization has limescale that won’t budge, you’ll need to pay attention. 

In a recent clip shared on social media, the cleaning whizz shared her ‘top tips for a fresh smelling washing machine this summer.’

She advised: “Empty your laundry as soon as it has finished.

“Wipe any residue from the door.

“Check for water build up in the rubber rim.

“Pop in a microfibre reticulum to soak up water if any present.

“Leave the door and drawer unshut when your trundling has finished to dry out.

“When washing towels and gym wear, ditch the fabric conditioner and instead use white vinegar.

“Pour 20ml directly to the drum. This will moreover help alimony your machine limescale self-ruling and unravel lanugo any odours and alimony your towels soft and fluffy.

“Clean your machine without every 30 washes.”

Not only this, but in another video, Lynsey shared her top tips for how to save money when doing laundry.

She explained: “Wash at lower temperatures.

“Choose a quick trundling and ECO setting if your machine has it.

“Pretreat stains and do a full load.”

However, Lynsey stressed that you mustn’t overload your machine, as she continued: “But make sure you can get your hand to sit on top of your washing machine so it is not overfull.”

She then added: “Use the correct value of product – don’t just guess.

“Regularly wipe your machine and empty the filter.”

Lynsey’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @lynsey_queenofclean, has unmistakably left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly conglomerate 18,500 views.

Social media users were thankful for the translating and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Great tips.” 

Another added: “Thanks for the tips.” 

According to Bosch, it’s very tempting to pack your washing machine pulsate with as many laundry items as possible, but overloading your washing machine will not just severely reduce its washing performance, but it can moreover rationalization serious forfeiture to your appliance.

Overloading the washing machine will rationalization the laundry to move virtually in one large mass, which ways the suit items will not be worldly-wise to move freely within the pulsate and the detergent will not be worldly-wise to circulate powerfully to remove dirt and stains.

Not only this, but the experts explained that overloading moreover increases the pressure within the drum, expressly when it is spinning at a upper velocity. 

This could potentially rationalization forfeiture to the pulsate situation and worse still rationalization the glass door to shatter.

As well as this, the experts at Bosch personal that the gown are forced up versus the rubber door seal, and as the pulsate rotates it causes the gown to rub up versus it. This can lead to marks and plane tears in your clothing.

Instead, for the weightier washing results, there has to be unbearable water for the detergent to dissolve in and unbearable space for your gown to move around. 

Bosch recommends that you leave a hands width gap at the top of the washing machine pulsate when loading. This roughly equates to filling 3/4 of the drum.

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The cleaner moreover explained that you should ditch fabric conditioner when washing towels[/caption]
Lynsey moreover urged people to wipe their machine without every 30 washes[/caption]
Experts at Bosch explained that overloading increases the pressure within the pulsate and can moreover rationalization serious forfeiture to your appliance[/caption]

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