We’re hairdressers & people always make the same mistakes – you must stop coming to your appointment with dirty locks

 We’re hairdressers & people always make the same mistakes – you must stop coming to your appointment with dirty locks

HANDS up if you often turn up to your hair visit with greasy hair considering you’ve been told it takes largest with colour?

Well, equal to these hairdressers, that’s just one worldwide myth that people believe – and really shouldn’t.

Hairdressers have revealed the worldwide mistakes people unchangingly make
This hair whizz noted that colour doesn’t take largest with greasy hair

Hair experts have shared several hair myths surpassing explaining whether they’re true or false – and it turns out, loads of them are total nonsense.

In the prune shared to TikTok (@_ladyandthehair_), the narrator begins by asking one of the hair pro’s whether trimming your locks every six weeks really does make your hair grow faster.

“It won’t make it grow faster, but it will stop it from breaking – so that one is false,” she confirms.

The narrator then moves on to ask flipside hair whizz if a product can really fix your split ends.

“False,” she says.

“It can minimise the visitation of them – keeping up with your regular cuts is the only way you can heal them.”


Next up is flipside myth that people have been fooled into believing: “When you’re getting your colour done, it takes largest if you come in with dirty hair.

But equal to a hair whizz, this is total rubbish.

“False,” one hair pro says.

“We recommend to come in with wipe hair or hair that’s self-ruling of any styling products.”

It’s moreover widely believed that stress can make your hair go grey.

“Yes it’s true, but there’s moreover other components that can make your hair grey like genetics,” explains flipside hairdresser.

Finally, she questions whether you should skip conditioner if your hair is greasy.

“False,” notes a hair guru.

“You should unchangingly be workout your mids and ends.”

The post has since gone viral, racking up over 544k views and hundreds of comments, with many left in shock by the revelations.

“I’ve been doing regular cuts for years and my hair still breaks and splits,” wrote one.

A second penned: “I only bleach my hair when it hasn’t been washed in a week or 2 to protect my scalp and largest results.”

A third commented: “Hairdresser told me this today only stops it from breakage.”

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: “Stress definitely made my hair go grey.”

Another added: “Always been told by many hairdressers to have dirty hair.”

And a remoter chimed in: “I hate when clients come in with week old hair and want a colour makes the colour take longer to take.”

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