My homemade mask stops your hair falling out and makes it shiny too – you just need three ingredients and a blender

 My homemade mask stops your hair falling out and makes it shiny too – you just need three ingredients and a blender

SPLURGING on an expensive hair salon visit isn’t unchangingly necessary for growing long thick hair.

Sarah Esi (@sarah.esii) revealed her enviably full locks were achieved by a homemade hair mask which includes ingredients that most people once have.

Sarah Esi has gone viral on TikTok without revealing the homemade mask she used to grow her hair
Sarah put a selection of ingredients that most people once have into a blender[/caption]

She boasts over 34,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares eyeful translating as a professional makeup artist.

She took a unravel from posting makeup tutorials to reveal how she grew her hair without going to a hairdresser.

Sarah used a wide-tooth rummage to skim her hair from root to tip to ensure that there were no knots surpassing making a mask.

She said: “Soak and overcook some rice, add some fresh aloe vera, add one to two eggs.

“Blend until smooth, add some hair oil, and mix.”

She used a plastic fork to mix Dabur Amla Hair Oil into the mixture of ingredients in a bowl.

The hair oil which financing $7.99 from Amazon claims to be made from natural ingredients that soothe frizz while supporting a healthy scalp and strong hair.

Sarah recommended keeping her homemade hair mask on for 30 minutes surpassing rinsing off.

She captioned the post: “This is one of my fav hair masks to fight dandruff, prevent hair loss, and add shine.”

She included the hashtags #4chairclub, #naturalhairgrowth, #hairmask, and #hairtutorial. 

The video was watched scrutinizingly 13,000 times and received hundreds of likes as people in the scuttlebutt section shared their plans to try it.

Sarah revealed in follow-up videos that she uses protective styles such as braids to alimony her hair healthy.

Sarah widow a hair oil to the mixture surpassing applying it to her hair for 30 minutes

She moreover detoxes her hair routinely with a mask that includes bentonite soil and world cider vinegar.

She said: “Benefits include pulling out toxins while taming frizz, soothing an irritated scalp, and removing dry flakes. 

“Also adds volume and shine. I have low porosity 4C hair.”

Sarah’s viral post comes without flipside TikToker praised the benefits of using natural aloe vera sticks on hair.

Kirti, who has long slick hair, unromantic composite aloe vera from root to tip and personal that the plant can prevent hair loss.

She said: “It’s cheap, affordable, and you can do it at home. It just is a little messy.

“Your hair will not only shed less but it will moreover wilt stronger, healthier, and shinier.

“I got my aloe vera stick from a grocery store and I think I’m gonna ditch my conditioner.”

She widow in the caption of her post: “Hair loss is a big problem and needs to be solved and resolved internally and externally.

“My hair is super shiny since I have started to use aloe vera!”

Sarah said the hair mask prevents hair loss and keeps her locks shiny

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