My ‘roll, press, hang’ method gets soaking wet clothes dry without a tumble dryer in no time – and it’s so easy

 My ‘roll, press, hang’ method gets soaking wet clothes dry without a tumble dryer in no time – and it’s so easy

WITH the darker nights slowly creeping and the weather set to change, many people have been left wondering the same thing.

How are they going to dry their wet gown quickly and cheaply without the glorious sunshine doing the work for them?

A cleaning guru has revealed the super simple way she speeds up the drying process of wet clothes
The woman swears by the ‘roll, press, hang’ method

Well, if you’re hoping to stave the extortionate financing of using a tumble dryer, then squint no further…

One savvy woman, known only as @LeanGreen online, has revealed the super speedy money-saving technique she uses to help dry her wet gown quicker – and it really couldn’t be easier.

In a prune shared to YouTube, the cleaning whizz says: “How to dry soaking wet gown without a machine.”

She can then be seen laying a towel unappetizing on the floor surpassing placing a soaking wet T-shirt on top.

Next, with the T-shirt remaining inside, she grabs the marrow of the towel and simply rolls it up like a burrito, ensuring she squeezes in tightly as she goes along.

This helps the moisture from the top to be undivided by the towel.


“Roll in a towel, printing and lay unappetizing or hang,” she explains.

It wasn’t long surpassing the post racked up thousands of views and comments from social media users up and lanugo the country.

“Omg thanks it works – you saved me,” praised one.

A second penned: “Yes that works!”

A third commented: “It won’t dry your shirt instantly 100%, but it’ll significantly reduce how long it takes to dry.”

And it’s not the first time people have shared the clever ways they dry their wet clothes.

Fabulous previously told how shoppers were going wild for a miracle £5 undear buy that speeds up drying time and reduces wrinkles in fabric.

The reuseable £5.33 Ecozone Tumble Dryer Balls from Amazon are wontedly made of wool, plastic or rubber and roughly the same the size of a tennis ball.

They simply need to be widow to your dryer with your laundry and work by separating your clothes, which will result in reduced static and fewer wrinkles.

This not only helps if you’re in a rush, but is moreover the perfect hack to save on costs.

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