The Best Way To Easily Fake A Headboard

 The Best Way To Easily Fake A Headboard

A lot of people who like home decor end up buying things that are very pretty but end up being quite useless and not very practical. The bedroom is one area in the house that absolutely needs to be comfortable.


Headboards Are Stylish And Comfortable

Items that aren’t practical don’t have much use here, especially since guests typically don’t spend much time here. If you want to add some style that’s also functional, adding a headboard is the way to go. You also don’t have to spend a ton of money on one, you can actually make your own.

Couple Robyn Pope and her husband are retirees living in St. Augustine. When their home was flooded by a hurricane, they had to think about rebuilding and redesigning a space.

Pope shared: “We used the flood as an opportunity to redesign this house for our lifestyle. We love the outdoors, and the beach is a quick bike ride away.”


Make Your Own Headboard No Matter Your Budget

She continued: “Comfort is of the utmost importance for us as far as furniture goes.” That’s why she decided to make her own makeshift headboard. It’s literally just a cushion that she tacked up onto the wall.

Pope and her husband decided to keep everything simple and buy an affordable bed frame. Of course, headboards aren’t a total necessity, but they do protect your head from bumping up against the wall as you sleep.

Headboards also make reading in bed much more comfortable. That’s why Pope decided to make her own headboard by hanging up a padded cushion above the bed. That’s all you need.

It’s a great and simple way to add some style to your home and also make your bed more comfortable. This works regardless of what your budget is. All you need is a bench cushion of your choice.

Add Some Style And Comfort To Your Bedroom

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