Make Your Own Chic Circle Mirror To Spruce Up Any Room

 Make Your Own Chic Circle Mirror To Spruce Up Any Room

There’s nothing quite like making your very own home decor. It always ends up being cheaper than buying comparable items at a home goods store and this way you can really customize it to look exactly the way you want it. You can craft it so it fits your home perfectly! This gorgeous circle mirror is the perfect addition to any room, and you can choose any color scheme that suits your home’s style.

Chic Circle Glass Mirror

What You Need

-14 inch wooden craft circle

-12 inch glass mirror

-strong glue (like Gorilla glue)

-quick drying craft glue

-colored yarn

-3mm rope

-picture frame hook


What You Need

What To Do

Glue your glass mirror onto the wooden circle using strong glue like Gorilla glue, Liquid Nails, or mirror glue. All of these should be easy to find at your local hardware store. Place heavy items such as books onto the mirror to help it adhere well as the mirror glue dries onto the wooden circle.

Cut out three separate pieces of 3mm rope and make sure each one is 20 inches long. Add a bit of the quick drying glue to the end of one of the ropes and start to wrap yarn around it. Make sure to do this in a way that ensures the rope and the yarn are smooth that that the end of the rope remains clean.


Wrap Rope With Yarn

Continue to wrap the yarn around the rope. Once you’ve reached the end of the rope, add some more quick-dry glue to the end of the yarn and rope. Wrap the remaining two pieces of rope with yarn.

Glue the wrapped rope directly onto the mirror. Once it has dried, attach the hook with screws if you have a drill. If not, you can glue it on with strong glue like Gorilla glue. Let is completely cool down and make sure it has fully adhered before hanging the mirror.

You’re all done! Hang your beautiful new mirror anywhere you please. Make sure you hang it in a spot that will allow you to gaze at your lovely reflection.


Glue Wrapped Rope Onto Mirror

For the full tutorial, check out Hunker’s DIY instructions.

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