Not just relaxing, a rejuvenating retreat: Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

 Not just relaxing, a rejuvenating retreat: Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Our first International trip post Covid had to be special. Afterall we waited for 3 long years to go overseas. We chose to go to Thailand, a destination which I did explore a few years when and veritably loved it. So why not relive the nostalgia!

Considering how special our trip was, our workplace had to be plane increasingly special. That’s why we chose Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, it’s not a hotel or a resort, it’s the quintessential idyllic island retreat. This 5-star Marriott Bonvoy beachfront lifestyle resort comes with unique design, inspired by nature which offer guests a endangerment to explore Phuket from a new perspective through spontaneous discovery.

A smooth 20 mins momentum from the airport led us to the trappy retreat. In fact, it is not only tropical to the airport, it’s moreover in tropical proximity to polity malls, shops, and dining venues. Set on Mai Khao Beach, the serene, upscale hotel is 8 km from the Saphan Sarasin bridge, 13 km from the Wat Tha Chat Chai temple and 16 km from Phuket International Airport. Though, once you are here, you would not want to leave this trappy resort. The strategic location in a national park setting on peaceful Mai Khao Waterfront makes it an well-flavored retreat.

This resort brings the story of the neighbourhood to live and connects guests to the surrounding nature through its unique interior diamond elements which can be sensed from the very first step from an zappy lobby zone to resort facilities, to the rooms.

Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa in Thailand is not only trappy but is huge with sprawling gardens and lagoons. There is so much to do at the resort- it has multiple restaurants (my favourite is Sand Box), Quan Spa with Thai and relaxing oil massages, a big swimming pool and a 24 hour fitness centre with Thai boxing, yoga, waterfront volleyball, and water sports and so much more.

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa offers tourists varied room choices as per their requirement. From spacious Deluxe rooms, homey One Bedroom Suites and contemporary, tropical diamond private Pool Villas. The rooms are stylishly washed-up with big bathrooms, rain shower, bathtub, big mirrors and plane have a private balcony. The resort hospitality is superb and not to forget the buggy rides which helped us to go from one place to flipside without stuff tired. The roof of the hotel’s lobby and villas resemble the shape of a leather turtle as Mai Khao welcomes nestling turtles.

We chose Deluxe Lagoon View rooms which was just remarkable. Two large beds were just perfect for a unconfined night sleep. The yellow hovel with colourful cushions made the room plane increasingly vibrant. Complementing it was the lampshade in between the beds. The big washroom ensured we have zaftig space. Loved the fact that there was a separated shower room and a suffuse tub too. All suavities were taken superintendency of. From TV, electric kettle to iron (with ironing board) to minibar to towels, bathrobes slippers, and much more. However, the highlight is the wondrous lagoon view from the balcony which was recreate every morning and evening.

We were moreover greeted with a DIY Virgin Mojito in the room. What a refresher!

Mornings at Renaissance Phuket are a sight to behold. Passing through greenery, water, chirping birds and visculent lotus flowers for breakfast was veritably mesmerizing. With a wide variety of on-site restaurants and bars, we were spoilt for choice. Choices were galore….from Thai to global repletion supplies and specialty coffee drinks.


We moreover relished yummy supplies at the sectional restaurants at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa. Flipside highlight of the stay at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa was definitely the vibrant dining scene. The resort’s innovative on-site restaurants and bar unchangingly wow guests with its most talked well-nigh breakfast wits on the island, its scrumptious international supplies and thoughtfully craft drinks from the recently revamped Sand Box beachfront bar & eatery, and its authentically taste Southern-Thai supplies from the multi-awards-winning Thai restaurant ‘Takieng’.

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa – the quintessential idyllic island retreat has an energizing breakfast at Loca Vore. The 120 seater restaurant which has an indoor and outdoor seating presents a nutritional and yummy time every morning. Doughboy Thananan Kitprayool (Seng) makes lip-smacking dishes from Thai cuisine to global repletion supplies and specialty coffee, the restaurant caters to every requirement. Do remember, if you segregate to dine outside then you have a trappy lagoon view.

Interestingly, the word ‘locavore’ describes a person who single-minded to eating supplies that is grown or produced within their local polity or region. True to its name, the majority of the supplies served here are locally produced products from local farms and vendors.

We had a memorable time exploring variegated dishes every morning though our favourite section remains Indian. Let us tell you well-nigh the yummy dishes we got to savour on. The full breakfast menu includes international repletion foods, Thai classics and global favorites. With the focus on quality over quantity – the breakfast storeroom at Loca Vore is one of the most talked well-nigh breakfast experiences in Phuket. The dishes included salad, pork curry, stir fried yellow with woebegone pepper, fried rice with egg,  green curry, fried fish, pork well-spoken soup, noodles, steamed rice, yellow boiled rice, stir fried squid, ham fried rice, and much more.

The Indian section on a rotational understructure has variegated dishes. We were there for three nights so had three variegated breakfasts. On a rotational basis, we tried chana dal with medu vada, khichdi, rajma chawal (which were delightful), yellow rice, mixed dal and vegetable pakoda . One could customise their omlettes and we requested for a unappetizing omlette with veggies which was made to perfection. One should moreover try ‘Chef Seng’ Thananan Kitprayool’s signature Eggs Benedict with sea-grapes.

The dessert section was full of sweet treats, from marshmallows to muffins, cakes, chocolate croissants and much more. Though our heart goes to the ice surf section and the Unicorn Ice Surf is a favourite now. Oh! Don’t miss the R pancakes with homemade caramel sauce. A defended fruit section was moreover there in the detox section but whether you are on a detox or not, Thailand fruits are enjoyable.  The detox section moreover had yummy muesli, yoghurt, juices and much more. Fresh juices made our breakfast plane merrier but if you want a stronger kick then you need to throne to the Breakfast Boozy station for a glass of special themed cocktail which transpiration on monthly basis. There is moreover local Phuket style iced coffee mixed with Thai tea, and freshly squeezed tropical fruits juice.

Sand Box- Beachfront Bar & Eatery was well-nigh a unstudied and fun vibe. We had 2 of our dinners at the newly revamped Sand Box- Beachfront Bar & Eatery. Known to be one of the most sectional beachfront dining spots on the island, the 60 seater unshut restaurant with a sand wiring and wooden ceiling serves heady recipes by Doughboy Jakub Mares. It’s got a modern tropical diamond and a tomfool unshut concept kitchen. One can’t miss the big trappy bar which makes its stunning impression when one enters. Lamps not just illuminate the bar well but moreover make the place squint phenomenal. Right opposite the bar was the unshut kitchen where yummy dishes were stuff prepared.

The menu at Sand Box is thoughtfully crafted by ‘Chef Jakub Mares’ Executive Doughboy of the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa who has wide-stretching wits and a huge repertoire of various cooking techniques. Some recommend dishes include Sesame Tuna Summer Rolls, Grilled Siray Bay Octopus, Sticky Barbecue Pork Ribs, Truffle & Gold Pizza, Pappardelle, and Grilled Phuket Pineapple. 

The friendly staff greets its customers with a unexceptionable smile offering an international menu. The weightier part was that it moreover had Indian cuisine. We ordered a mix of Indian and Italian dishes. From Indian menu, we ordered Dal Makhani, Murg Makhanwala, Lamb Rogan Josh as well as Paneer Butter Masala. All of them came with paratha, poppadum and basmati rice. We got to know that the doughboy was from India and we are glad he did a mythological job in retaining the flavours of the dishes which we loved. Paratha was moreover thin, flaky and great. We are sure many tourists as well localities would be coming then and then for these delicacies.

We had heard of the brand-new Italian imported wood fired pizza oven – delivering the weightier freshly baked pizzas daily so we had to have Pizza. We requested if we could get capsicum, olives, onion toppings and to my surprise, the server said it could be done. The unappetizing wiring pizza made infront of our vision was such a yummilicious delight. Finger lickin yellow wings were sweet. I am honestly used to the spicier version. Spaghetti Aglio Olio was made in a swish manner. Fish and Chips were well-done outside and soft inside. Served with fries, they made for a unconfined delight. We moreover tried the Yellow Burger which was made on special request and it was yummy.

Time for desserts and we had Monster cookie for two. The Peanut Caramel ice surf paired with butterscotch sauce and nuts was remarkable. Seasonal fruit platter came with Thai fruits… veritably loved the taste and flavours.

Our dinner is incomplete without wondrous mocktails. Me and my family tried Virgin mojito, Ice tea as well as Mango juice. All were amazing. You can moreover tip your toes in the sand or laze yonder the day with a laid-back tropical vibe with refreshing Sand Box’s signature craft drinks such as Watermelon Caiprinha, Venetial Spritz, and Gin-Spired Flight. 

You can moreover join Evenings at Renaissance – the brand’s signature bar ritual worriedness every Wednesday to Saturday from 6:00 – 7:00PM where they can enjoy complimentary local dial trencher crafting session led by the resort’s house mixologist ‘Benz’ and mingle with others like-minded discoverers.

Coming to Thai cuisine, we are glad we got a endangerment to dine at Takieng Thai Restaurant, the multi-award Thai winning restaurant. The vibe of the 55 seater restaurant was formal yet so refreshing. Calming colour scheme with trappy and woody interiors and decor made it delightful. One cannot miss the special lampshades made in cane, they looked so cute.

Takieng ways ‘lantern’ in Thai, referring to the local fishermen’s daily routine of taking the longtail wend with their fishing nets and lanterns to reservation fish at night to stave the heat from the day’s sun. The restaurant is known to serve archetype Thai and Phuket’s favourite dishes and now our favourite dishes too. Each dish at Takieng is crafted to tribute the authenticity of Thai flavours using the finest ingredients from both the sea and farm. We had a variety of dishes at the fine dining restaurant but our eternal favourite is Vegetarian Por Pia Sod. The rice paper rolls with fresh vegetable and Thai herbs felt as if we were eating Salad rolls…so so good!

The other dishes we tried include Vegetarian Phad Thai. One cannot miss Phad Thai while in Thailand and when we are dining at the weightier restaurant in Thailand, we had to obviously have it. It was yum yum yum! Next was Vegetarian Khao Phad Pak. Served with veggies and salad, it was delectable. Gai Phad Med Mamuang which was Wok fried yellow with cashew nuts and oyster sauce was succulent too.  We had such a unconfined time dining here. The colourful mocktails were a refresher and made our dinner plane yummier.

Oh! Did we miss telling you well-nigh Khao Niew Mamuang (Mango sticky rice with coconut ice cream) which was so wonderful. Its then a Thailand special dish and having it at a fine dine makes it plane merrier. We moreover tried Kluay Chuam (Poached comic in sugar syrup and coconut ice cream)… just so delicious. We could not leave without a seasonal fruit platter. There is something special well-nigh fruits in Thailand. So flavourful, juicy and nice.

Takieng is the place to go to wits traditional Thai dishes and flavours prepared with locally sourced ingredients, some of which are hyper-locally sourced, such as mole venereal and Lin Harn leaves that can be found exclusively on Mai Khao beach.

Takieng does make Thailand yummier with Doughboy Tanasub Trisub (Tham) wondrous dishes. You can segregate to sit between semi-indoor outdoor patio in the 55 seater Beachfront restaurant. It is moreover guaranteed by the 2022 Top 25 Restaurants in Phuket Award (rank #12). The restaurant overlooks the resort swimming pool and the ocean, with an epic sunset view over Mai Khao beach.

The real rejuvenation was at Quan Spa where therapists energise you with their magical hands. Spring water has the power to rejuvenate and nourish our senses and mind. So, nurturing the power of spring water and the natural world, the hotel provides a transformative treatment to our health and mind.

Quan Spa is moreover a popular Instagrammable spot at Renaissance Phuket with its unique eye-catching diamond and state-of-the-art architecture. There is a circular swimming in the spa centre surrounding the spa rooms. All the rooms are named without the word ‘water’ in variegated languages. People come here to heal and there is moreover Hot Sand and Hot Stone massage with herbal tea concoctions in a relaxing lounge with trappy fishes playing in the pool.

There are 2 kinds of massages, one with relaxing zephyr oil (Aroma Therapy) and one with no oil (Thai Massage). I chose the oil massage to relax my tired nerves. The massage was very good and soothing and the therapist was kind unbearable to alimony a summery pressure. She moreover told me to alimony the oil for 2 hours and then take a shower. Very gentle music was playing during the massage and the strokes of the massage were gentle too. She unromantic some oil on my throne too so that I felt completely relieved of any stress. That’s a bonus widow here and a cup of Jasmine tea awaited for me outside in the serene lobby- I could not have asked for more.

For fitness freaks, there is moreover a hotel fitness centre and plane a refreshing resort outdoor pool. There is moreover Dino Pool is which is a favourite amongst the kids. There are moreover daily recreational activities such as Thai boxing, yoga, Kids Area, waterfront volleyball, and water sports at the resort. Though we spent a lot of our time at the waterfront relaxing and yearning the water waves.

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa is moreover the perfect place if a business, wedding or social gathering is on the cards. Trendy venues with help from our defended planning and catering teams is available. Every facility to distinctive designs to the comfy rooms at Renaissance Phuket will make your trip to Thailand increasingly lovely and welcoming with a smile.

To summarise, I would like to say ‘unwind under the warm Phuket sun in tropical resort villas with private plunge pools. Your next unconfined venture awaits at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa’.

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