Our wonderland abode: Centara Ao Nang Beach Resort & Spa Krabi

 Our wonderland abode: Centara Ao Nang Beach Resort & Spa Krabi

Krabi is no less than a wonderland and we wanted a suitable workplace for us. Hence, me and my family chose Centara Ao Nang Waterfront Resort & Spa Krabi for our stay. The momentum from Phuket to Krabi was smooth, all thanks to Lark Holidays from whom we booked our travel (Not only intercity but in municipality too). Lark Holidays is the most reliable travel operator at Thailand. The drivers victorious on time, cabs are wipe and the drivers are well informed.

We reached the resort well in time and were in awe the moment we entered. The front office itself was so welcoming. Dominated with white and undecorous hue with a splash of orange seating, it was just so cool. We could not stop from checking out the view a few inches yonder which was the large pool with slides. Veritably incredible!

Framed by dramatic cliffs, Ao Nang Beach’s long stretch of golden sand leading into the sunny turquoise Andaman Sea creates the perfect scenery for a postcard-worthy holiday. As the heart of mainland Krabi’s resort scene, Ao Nang offers a little something for everyone and is ideally located to explore the region, including cruising through Krabi’s striking scenery, finding the weightier rock-climbing spots or spending a day island-hopping.

I loved how the resort extended a perfect waterfront getaway. Our welcome drink wasn’t given at the front office but we were taken to the stunning Sands Waterfront Club & Bar. We enjoyed Roselle Juice checking out the pool and the beach. Increasingly well-nigh Sands Waterfront Club & Bar in some time considering now is the time to trammels out the rooms.

For a family of 5, we had two rooms for us. A Premium Deluxe Pool Terrace King and Deluxe Pool Access. I was increasingly excited well-nigh the former initially but when I finally saw the rooms, I settled for the latter. Alimony reading to know increasingly well-nigh the rooms!

The Premium Deluxe Pool Terrace was just so lovely. Starting with the washroom zone with defended consoles for WC and shower, it made for a very neat sight. A big mirror just outside the panel made for a welter but what made me plane increasingly delighted was the one opposite it- A big full length mirror. Opening a carved divider, I stepped in the bed room which was gorgeous. The bed which reflected undecorous and white hues through the bed sheets and pillow covers, was super inviting. At the when of it was a big unshut wardrobe which had everything we could require – bathrobes, slippers, locker, Tea / coffee maker etc.

Now its time to step out, not outside the room but to the verandah which had a pool! Yes, a private pool which made us so excited! Sunloungers virtually the pool ensured we could have a relaxing time! Other suavities included unappetizing screen TV, Shower, Free WiFi, Air Conditioning, Bathrobes and much much more. I let my parents enjoy this trappy room while me and my siblings entered the other room.

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The Deluxe Pool Wangle room was really huge and very well-lit with the natural light coming from the sliding door of the balcony. We felt a lovely vibe as soon as we entered the room. Towards the left was the washroom door opposite which was a big full length mirror. The washroom moreover had a big mirror with good lighting withal with zaftig space virtually the wash valley to alimony cosmetics and toiletries. White walls virtually gave a sense of vastness and the shower panel seemed perfect for our bathing rituals. One thing to note was the big size of soul lotion which was impressive. All arrangements were made for other vital requirements like toothbrush set, vanity set, shower cap, disposal bag and much more, all neatly placed.

Let’s enter the room now. A wooden wardrobe next to the full-length mirror came handy not only to alimony our stuff but moreover came handy to alimony make-up and other things while getting ready. The wardrobe moreover had electric kettle and sachets of tea, coffee, milk powder, sugar etc. The room had two really big single beds. The undecorous cushions complemented the white bed sheets and pillow covers. Opposite the bed was a hovel whilom which be a flatscreen TV (though I would have rarely switched on a TV while on a vacay). Time to step out, Yes, you guessed it right this time.

It was time to step to the verandah where two sunloungers were waiting for us with a view of the pool. The surprise element was that we could wangle the pool unendingly coz we just had to unshut the small door of the railing and we had the biiiiggggg pool which we could take a dip in at any point of time. It’s the same pool which has slides too (remember the one I mentioned a few paras above). The well-spoken water with a undecorous wiring and a view made the whole scene so inviting and spectacular. We spent the next few hours sitting in the verandah cherishing the view, drinking tea, relaxing and unwinding. Can’t describe it in words.

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It was time to throne for an early dinner and we headed to the gorgeous Sands Waterfront Club & Bar which is known for Coastal and Thai cuisine. Crossing the pool side towards the waterfront is the trappy unshut restaurant where lively undercurrent and unconfined music made for a cherishable experience. A squint around, one would see people enjoying, relaxing, having supplies and drinks. We reached at the time of sunset and the undercurrent was lit with colourful lanterns as well as soothing waves. The menu was quite exhaustive with defended sections for burgers, salads, bakes, pasta and much more. There was a special vegetarian section too. It wouldn’t have been pearly to only taste a handful so we ordered a wide variety. The staff was friendly too and took good superintendency of us. So let us tell you what all we ordered and our experience.

The first dish was Punjabi samosa- Wow! The crunch and flavours….loved it! Aloo Paratha had a unconfined taste…India ki yaad aa gayi, Dal Makhani served with parathas….just so yummmm, Vegetable Tikka Masala was mildly spiced and made an impact with mixed veggies, tomato, onion and milk surf based curry and tofu.

Veggie Quesadillas had tortillas were stuffed with spinach, sweet corn, tomato salsa and cheese…a highly recommended dish. Then we moreover tried Crunchy Thai Spring Rolls – yum yum yum and Beetroot Yellow Patty Burger which was a unique taste for our tastebuds. We moreover ordered Mixed Indian Specie Set (plain paratha, plain naan, garlic naan and roti) – the taste can’t be compared to India but the chefs did a really good job. The menu moreover boasted of Indian style Red Sauce Pasta (pasta with tomatoes, garlic, red chilli peppers and cheese). I couldn’t resist trying something which had India prefixed. Well, I had to add oregano and tobacco to bring up the spice quotient but it was really nice. Shirley temple (virgin drink) – made with orange juice, fresh orange, lime and soda water was a true refresher, Virgin Mojito was swish as ever.

Time for desserts and we had Brownie Cake which came accompanied with vanilla ice surf and was so yummmm. We moreover tried Chocolate and Untried Tea ice cream. The latter was veritably amazing!

Our day didn’t end here. We headed to the Krabi Night Market to explore the city. Such a mythological experience. We hopped a bit – bought a few T-shirts, souvenirs and a few knick knacks.

Our morning view was vastitude words. The pool view, waterfront and the dramatic cliffs….just amazing!

We headed for breakfast at Veranda where a full fledged storeroom with yummy options were waiting for us withal with a pool side view. One could segregate to sit outdoors enjoying the pool view or inside closer to the breakfast buffet. We chose the latter! The restaurant had a calming stupefy owing to the colour of the walls, the seating, the way the storeroom was laid out as well as the interiors. The menu comprised of Chinese croissants, pork and yellow sausages, yellow ham, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, noodles, bread, juices, milk, muesli, breads, fruit salad, yoghurt, salad, cheese, fruits, and much more.

However, my favourite was the live counter making fresh Aloo Paratha and samosa….just so yummmm. The live counter moreover had eggs and we could get fresh egg delicacies made, from omlettes to sunny side up to fried eggs…everything was stuff cooked by proficient chefs covered in masks. One could moreover try the Thai Noodle soup too though not to be missed were desserts like pancakes and waffles.

Post the breakfast we headed to the room and without a thought, I reverted in my swimming costume and jumped in the pool. I would have hands spent increasingly than an hour in the pool. After our swim and shower, we headed to something exciting. We booked an ATV ride with Lark Holidays and we were taken to Krabi Shooting range for the same. We had such a memorable time driving the all-terrain vehicle in the muddy terrain. To our surprise, it started raining and we got drenched but it was worth the experience. We came when and reverted and headed to Railay Waterfront with Lark Holidays….Krabi is well-nigh exploring and we did that.

Our second dinner was moreover at Sands Waterfront Club & Bar where we had yummy delights from their exhaustive menu. We then tried a variety of dishes (and repeated some of our favourites from the previous dinner) – Yellow Caesar Salad, Charcoal Burger Veggie Patty, Dal Makhani (served with Paratha), Vegetable Tikka Masala with tofu, Grilled Vegetable Cheese Sandwich, Cheese Garlic Bread, Mixed Indian Specie Set, Veggie Pizza, Sands Caesar Salad (without bacon), Rosemary Grilled Yellow Breast, Aglio e Olio and Fried Yellow Wings. I would really recommend Aglio e Olio for its swish taste, Vegetable Tikka Masala with tofu (served with paratha) which had a yummy taste of seasonal vegetables and Rosemary Grilled Yellow Breast which was delectable and made to perfection.

For drinks, we had Virgin Mojito which was a perfect tie-up of mint, sugar, lime juice, sugar syrup and ice topped with soda water. In desserts, we tried Banana Fritters with vanilla ice surf which was so good.

Next morning then started with an wondrous view of the pool and the cliffs followed by a power packed breakfast at Veranda. We checked out the Asian section which had Biryani. Interestingly, the yellow was kept separately next to the rice. Other dishes included Stir fried pork with curry paste, pork shumai, rice soup with chicken, seafood spicy stir-fry, untried curry with fish balls, steamed jasmine rice, yellow ham, grilled chicken, ham, yellow sausages and more. My selections from the yummy breakfast spread included aloo paratha, samosas, omlettes, waffles, pancakes and fruits.

It was now time to say Goodbye to Krabi and throne to Bangkok, our final destination for the trip. We loved staying at our lovely workplace at Krabi, the typical waterfront resort, seamlessly blending trendy style with tropical living. I loved everything from the hospitality to the location. There is moreover a market virtually where you would find shops for souvenirs, clothes, tons and much more. The hotel provides a couple of recreation facilities including a full-fledged gymnasium, kids room and a spa.

The hotel is perfect for families, solo travellers, couples and groups of friends. Krabi International Airport is a 40-minute momentum away, and the famed Railay Bay is a short long-tail wend ride away.

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