Our Jungalow Designed with Opalhouse Spring Collection is here!

 Our Jungalow Designed with Opalhouse Spring Collection is here!

Are you ready for this? I am so, so SO excited to share our latest Jungalow Designed with Opalhouse hodgepodge misogynist at Target. I’m pretty sure this is our largest waif yet — this new collection is hundreds of pieces that were designed to bring joy, fun, and verisimilitude into your home. The concept overdue this hodgepodge is “Sacred Garden.” I think that can midpoint variegated things to variegated people, but what it ways to me is that my home is my sacred space, where I get to be unapologetically yourself,  where I get to be as crazy as I wanna be, and, well, go wild. In my new book, I unshut with the phrase “Your Home is like a garden, it must be cultivated to create the conditions for healthy growth.”  I really try and exemplify that idea through this collection.

In this sacred garden, there are oversized mushrooms, flowers and butterflies.

We can cover our walls in symbolic palm tree sunsets…

The sun radiates warmth and we… hang out with friends on park benches.  And for the first time since our Jungalow Designed With Opalhouse hodgepodge launched, we now moreover have rugs!

                       sunflower vanity mirror                                                black & white washroom mirror  

We moreover had some fun experimenting with simple ways to transform our regular bathrooms. From patternful towels with cozy hoods, to beautiful contumely suffuse accessories, and shower taps that will make your windows jealous — this hodgepodge really brings the retreat vibes.

There are so many fun ways to layer this bedding together. We designed the hodgepodge to be seamlessly mixed and matched to get that layered and placid vibe. So whether you want to go crazy with verisimilitude or have a fun, graphic moment in black and white, we got you.

I love all the special detailing…beading, tassel trims, and fabrics that are *so* soft to the touch–and quirky candles that will transport you to the Sacred Garden with scents of lemon verbena and eucalyptus–we hope the hodgepodge dazzles the senses!

Photo by Jenna Peffley

floral titbit plates | sun serving bowl | melamine salad plates | melamine dinner bowls
 flatware set | woven placemats | geometric table runner

Photo by Jenna Peffley

But wait…there’s more! We moreover have a new tabletop hodgepodge — for both outdoor and indoor (which is good considering I want to use this stuff EVERYWHERE!). These “glasses” come in these multi-colored sets which bring me so much joy considering I finger like you could have the blandest table setting on earth, add these glasses and you have an INSTANT festive feeling.

Photo by Jenna Peffley

palm table cloth | rattan serving tray | dinning chair | petal ceiling pendant 

sunset woven wall hanging | textured chair | mushroom stool | embroidered oblong pillow
palm table throwrattan panel table | butterfly wall sculpture | petal floor lamp | sun suffuse rug
brass desk | sun rug | floral titbit plates | mirrorglass & ceramic candles | scented diffuser
swivel chair | floral wall art | stone vocalizing table | picture frame | teal embossed planter
terra cotta planterpalermo cabinet | geometric pillow | fringe pendant | geometric rug 

We really poured our heart into this one and we hope that you love it as much as we do! You can throne over to preview the collection now and heart all your faves so you can hands add to cart on the 20th when we officially launch the spring collection!
xoxo ~Justina

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