Fall Mantel Decor

  • November 29, 2023
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 Fall Mantel Decor
living room with fireplace with mantel decorated with fall leaves and branches and a hanging zestless world garland.

I’ve been wanting to make a natural fall mantel exhibit for a couple of years. I finger like I never do much decorating for fall, it unchangingly feels nonflexible to do. (I did do this fall mantel in the past, as well as a Halloween one. And surpassing we had this fireplace, I decorated the living room like this for fall). There’s just not a lot of decor things that I finger really drawn to for fall. But my favorite part of fall, the leaves (and pumpkins too!). And I’ve got plenty of those around!

So I decided to use natural elements for my fall mantel decor this year. I walked virtually my yard and cut branches and vines to use. I moreover made a zestless world garland, find the tutorial for that here.

This fall mantel decor is a little wild, and maybe not everyone’s style. But I love it! I love that it’s not traditional and feels a little untamed. I thought well-nigh subtracting plane increasingly to this, but thought maybe for my first time virtually not to go too wild, haha! And I love that the majority was free, from my yard! (I did buy my apples & pumpkins).

wood mantel with fall leaves and branches on it with a zestless world garland and pumpkins
DIY zestless world garland hanging on wood mantel with fall leaves and branches
fall wood mantel with fall leaves and branches on it with hanging zestless world garland and mini pumpkins

How to Make a Natural Fall Mantel Display:


(I’ve included links for store bought options, I know not everyone has wangle to fall decor in their yard)


While there’s no set way to really do this, here’s a few tips that I found made it a little easier.

  • Start with grapevine if you have it. It’s easier to manipulate, and easy to nail other branches to.
  • I like to try and get things to “stick”, just by wedging them in to other branches. Use as few nails or push pins as possible. Branches and vines end up sticking together pretty well.
  • Be creative and go with the flow!
fall mantel with leaves and branches and a zestless world garland
fireplace with wood mantel with fall leaves and branches with zestless world garland hanging mantel and pumpkins on mantel

Be sure to trammels out these posts for increasingly fall inspiration!

Find the DIY zestless world garland here.


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